Comparison of camera phones Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom




Comparison of camera phones Nokia Lumia 1020 and Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom


It is difficult to imagine that just a few short years ago, most people were using smart phones and cameras as two different gadgets. How things have changed now. Today’s smart phones can easily handle not only with rather complicated software and games, but also make high-quality still images, almost completely replacing the once popular “Soap”. Producers even had to come up with the latest new kind of device, to somehow get out of the situation and to entice the consumer. Thus, the market appeared mirrorless camera. But today we are not talking about them. Today it will be about two, perhaps, the most outstanding and modern camera phones – brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Nokia Lumia 1020 , one of which has already appeared, and the second is only going to appear on store shelves. Let’s go over the specifications of both models and still try to find out – whose pixel steeper.



Camera Phone Lumia 1020 from the Finnish company Nokia has turned up four percent longer and 13 percent wider, but it is much narrower than its direct competitor – plump Galaxy S4 Zoom. The latter by as much as 47 percent thicker than his Finnish rival, although there is still ongoing debate on whether or not to have taken into account the volume of his drawer Zoom lens.


Due to their size, Zoom has turned out harder. It is 30 percent heavier than the camera phone from Nokia.


Here, of course, it all depends on the tastes of everyone. However polycarbonate shell “Lumiya” should be felt in the hands (again, depending on tastes) is much nicer than the usual standard plastic case Zoom. Lumia likely will be in the hands of the more comfortable they felt more premiumnyh device, and the polycarbonate shell to be more resistant to unexpected crashes of the device hands. In turn, the line Samsung Galaxy (namely, it is our today’s hero) has repeatedly called “cheap.” And … well, you choose.


Lumia unconditional winner here in 1020. And not just because the working area of ​​the screen Galaxy S4 Zoom is only 89 percent, but also because the camera phone from Nokia has 90 percent more pixels and makes the screen more clearly in comparison with a competitor from Samsung.


The amount and frequency of processor cores of both devices are the same. However, the brand new Lumia is powered by a high-Snapdragon S4 (maybe it’s not the new one, but none the less), while the new product from Samsung runs on a budget of a crystal.
Random access memory


Another advantage Lumia 1020 over its direct competitor Zoom from Samsung is to have 2 GB of RAM. The latter, in turn, has only 1.5 GB.
Read-only memory


From a technical point of view, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom allows you to store more pictures, since the device has support for microSD memory cards up to 64GB. Nokia Lumia 1020, unfortunately, this support can not offer, and the amount of memory it is limited to 32 GB. However, it is worth considering the fact that the microSD usually have lower write speed than the phone’s internal memory, so the Zoom during shooting may be some lag, especially it can be shown during the fast shooting multiple images at once. However, it is worth considering that neither the one nor the other device you are unlikely to go to position as a serious camera.


After reaching a certain figure, a higher megapixel itself is no longer necessary to say that the more of them there are, the better you will get at the pictures. Nevertheless Lumia here are advantages over GS4 Zoom.

The reason is that the camera uses Lumia 1020 ekstrapikseley, making two of the same image at the same time (one size of 38 megapixels, and the second – 5 megapixels). Snapshot of lower resolution you can share it with your friends instantly. In turn, the picture with a higher resolution, which is the most suitable for further editing, when you find yourself at home in the arms of a laptop or desktop computer. Most pictures are so many pixels, you can trim the necessary small patches in fact, is not afraid to get in eventually stretched and pixelated image.
Optical Zoom


Galaxy S4 Zoom offers support for the optical magnification, but this may not necessarily be an advantage. The fact that the digital zoom Lumia gets its advantage by insane resolution that promises that, even at the approach of the images should turn out sharp and clear. In addition, you will not annoy the sound of motor, which undoubtedly will follow you wherever you go take your Zoom.
Image Stabilization


Both devices offer the presence of optical image stabilization – a function that will reduce the effect of “vibrating conveyor” of your hands on the camera. Unfortunately, you can check the quality of this function in vehicles has not yet appeared, but let’s hope for our friends
Wireless capabilities


What is the point of supernavorochennogo camera in your phone if you do not have on the go to share their pictures? Fortunately, both of today’s devices allow you to easily share with your friends and colleagues footage, however, and there are some “buts.”

Support for LTE, which has both sets, is not available in all regions. In this case, will have to be content with HSPA +, which is considerably slower than the new format, or else endure to the nearest point of Wi-Fi. Given the size of the images, share them using the standard connectivity options offered by mobile operators, you probably do not want.


Here noticeably leading Galaxy S4 Zoom from Samsung, which has increased in comparison with the Lumia, the battery capacity to 2330 mAh. When you consider that the battery will have to feed the Lumia screen with a higher resolution, in the case with her, you may experience some problems when the battery sits at the most crucial moment when you need to make sure this one here’s a snapshot. Of course, a more accurate picture can only give practice tests, but it seems to me that the battery sits Lumia faster than battery GS4 Zoom.


Both devices are claimed for people who want to get the gadget that serves as a pretty good camera and at the same time having all the modern smartphone features. And speaking of the second, there is a choice between the platforms Android Jelly Bean (with a software add-in Samsung’s TouchWiz on top) and Windows Phone 8.

On the one hand there is the advantages of Zoom: The device offers support for those same “vkusnyashek» TouchWiz, many of which are associated with the settings and functions of the camera and allows access to the Google Play Store, with its army of thousands of applications, in contrast to the docked Windows Phone Store. On the other hand, Windows Phone offers sleek, modern interface, not overloaded with unnecessary add-ons of the manufacturer of the device, and the app store, though not as active, but still confidently replenished.

It should also be abolished, and that both phones have the software features that are responsible for various image quality settings, such as the alignment of balance, ISO setting and manual focus.

Keep in mind that this review is largely reflects only the technical characteristics of both new products. Learn all about the device in any case it does not, as long as you do not take it in hand and begin to use it.

However, in my opinion, the benefits of Lumia 1020 against rival still more noticeable. The device offers a large and clear display and promises better performance, which in itself is a pretty strong arguments for choosing a modern smart phone these days, and no doubt a plus in respect of the device for fast work with the camera.
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