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All games in the first place meant by an entertainment. In fact, that is why we buy them. The games we spend a very significant portion of their free (and only) time. But most of the games is nothing but joy and fun, can not give us. This, of course, not so bad, though at least some benefit from them, too, want to receive, once we spend on them so much of their time. For development, such as memory or attention in the App Store have special games, but today we will talk about the development of these qualities do not, and something more – the development of our culture. And help us in this application “Complete the masterpiece!”.

Give a clear definition of the word “culture” is impossible. Of course, opening any dictionary definition you will find there. But, let’s say, a purely theoretical definition of the word. We’re talking about the definition of characterizing the expression of the culture in our life. For example, to give way to an elderly person in public transport, going to open the door a girl properly use cutlery and much more – they are also integral parts of the culture. But in addition to your actions on the culture still affects many kinds of factors, such as your reading or what you are good at art. Today we talk just about the last – about art, and more specifically – about painting.

Заверши шедеврЗаверши шедевр

The game “Complete the masterpiece” – is a small insight into the world of pictorial art masterpieces. Although as a small, because in this game, collected about two hundred works of many different authors. So digression still get very deep and addictive. It will be interesting and exciting.

The entire game is a cross between a puzzle and a mosaic in which role and perform masterpieces of the most famous painters brush. Each masterpiece is missing four elements. Your task: to select the missing elements of the proposed number and set them into place.

Заверши шедеврЗаверши шедевр

Complicates the whole process a few moments. First, the proposed elements of twice larger than needed to complete the masterpiece. Secondly, the elements are not simply arranged alternately, and can still be reversed and that was difficult to understand what and where to install.

Depending on how quickly and correctly (that is, the fewer mistakes will be made, or may be they will not do) you will pass the level, you get a certain number of stars. Maximum – three, and what to strive for. Each wrong constricted element selects one life from you. When all the life, you will need to wait for some time before you can continue. But to facilitate the task, the developers have provided two kinds of tips that you can use in any difficult situation.

When you have collected together a picture, you’ll see it on the screen title and author. About finished masterpiece can tell your friends in Facebook or Twitter. In addition, statistics on the level can be compared with other players via Game Center, which is also very convenient. By the way, the game is “Finish masterpiece!” Supports eleven languages, however, eleven – the languages ​​of the interface, but you can play either in Russian or in English.

Thus, the game “Complete the masterpiece!” Will not only occupy your time, but also help you to develop their culture, learn a lot of new and interesting things about the art of painting. Even if you do not ever need to, you definitely will be sure that you can keep the conversation going even on a difficult topic, if anyone talk about painting. And just for myself it would be very useful, make no mistake. Not only the same birds in pigs throw.

Title: Complete the masterpiece!
Publisher / Developer: Anton Krukov
Price: Free
Built purchase: There
Compatibility: Universal app
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