“Contacts” a group calling for the first time in the Middle East Internet of Things application platform




Announced the “contacts” group, a leader in the Middle East, Asia and Africa telecommunications company, has announced the launch and for the first time in the Middle East platform for the management and development of Internet applications things, and in a form which allows its customers the opportunity to dissemination and application of Internet solutions to new things and innovative, able to meet the current growing needs and future market for automated communication between hardware and estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

She explained, “contacts” that the importance of this platform, which launched in collaboration with my company, “Oobarthur Technologies” Oberthur Technologies and “Thing Works” ThingWorx, two leading global provider of things Internet solutions, comes at a time which is expected to be the number of automated communication between devices is growing rapidly over the next decade, where projections indicate that this number will rise from 5 billion contact in the past year in 2014, to reach about 50 billion connection in the year 2024, which means that there will be a need to develop thousands of things Internet applications.

In this context, Khalifa Al Shamsi, CEO says of the unity of digital services in the “contacts” group, “at a time when the world is witnessing a rapid shift towards the use of smart digital services, the need becomes critical for the development of platforms contribute to enable the transformation and strengthened.”

Al Shamsi added, “The empowerment of automated communication for billions of appliances and equipment will change the way we live, so the Etisalat today is by providing Internet platforms for the development of the things they will contribute to enable the future of business and government services and upgrade them.”

The things Internet solutions and automated connectivity solutions linking various devices, applications and information communication technology that allows devices to communicate directly with other systems and devices wired and wireless manner and form in which it provides intelligent solutions and services. Companies and institutions has become around the world are using things Internet solutions and solutions for automated communication between the planning system increasingly Hepeshkl, in order; improving productivity and promotion, save time, enhance the customer experience, the development of existing services, and open the door of the sources of revenue and new financial returns. From here, these increasingly complex system requires a more sophisticated platforms to work together and Bhetwafiqih high, things like cloud Internet hardware platforms, and huge data.

Through the use of these platforms “contacts” group hopes to be able to provide standardized components can be shared out horizontally in order to enable the rapid development and the reduction of costs and the form in which it contributes to the achievement of smart cities.

Said Al Shamsi, “believes ‘connections’ that the Internet of Things has become a requirement is necessary for regional development, so it has declared its commitment to building a better capacity to the Internet of things and make them available in the market, with the need to point out that ‘contacts’ group was launched in the year 2013 and for the first time in the region also Automatic connection between devices Center, and today the group is working on the launch platform Internet application objects. Such a platform that certainly contribute to the support of our strategy for the Internet of things, including offers several innovative services, which we are keen to put forward in the various markets in which we operate, and in a form that provides added value to our customers. ”

For his part, de la Ornaud Shebelle, Head of Sales Middle East and general manager of business unit mobile network operators in the “Oobarthur Technologies”, “We are pleased with the selection of Etisalat” for us to be their partner in this important strategic project. We are more than willing to share with them to do a step ahead not only in the field of automatic communication between devices and the Internet of Things through our platform’s proven and reliable, and which combine to enable the application and the device management capabilities, but also we are ready to partner with Etisalat to make a list long of services that includes business consulting, and providing them an opportunity to gain access to the most important local and international players in the field of Internet of things. ”

The Vadl Ross, president and founder of “Thing Works,” he said, “‘” Thing Works’ happy opportunity to share with the group Etisalat and its subsidiaries in order to develop things Internet platform in the region. Internet has changed things dramatically the nature of the development and deployment of solutions and applications in this area, from here, the Internet of Things applications will need to be fast and continuous development. To take advantage of the new opportunity, the old development tools are no longer sufficient, so the ‘”Thing Works’ will Msaadhmjmuah Etisalat and its partners in reducing costs, saving time and in the development and application deployment solutions by taking advantage of the unique technologies and in a form that provides Internet solutions and innovative things . We are committed to achieving success for the ‘contacts’ and its customers and partners in the Middle East in the Internet era of new things. ”


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