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It’s time to make the pot boil. Together with the official representative of Philips in Russia, we are launching an interesting contest. Interesting prize and sporting interest are guaranteed. Go to the sofa, sir, and let all the Weathertop.

1. Heart

Humanity has come a long way from the primordial soup to a large smartphone. But British scientists to this day can not come to an agreement which invention of mankind is probably the most brilliant? Your task: to help the Russian Space Agency to bring the satellite into orbit to us to decide.

2. What should you do?

To enter the contest you need to join the group of ” higher intelligence “, which is a subsidiary of« VKontakte “and the official group Philips – support the manufacturer’s wonderful headphones. Then you need to accommodate 280 characters with spaces maximum of opinion about the most ingenious inventions of mankind and to argue his point.

His version place in the comments, but in order for us to know that this is exactly what you are – duplicate it on your wall, “VKontakte” and add the hashtag # hi # philips.

For example:

The most ingenious invention of mankind – a computer mouse. I pumped myself great biceps on your toes! Hi # # philips

3. Terms

Deadline – five days from the placement of the text. After five days, we will choose the 10 best options and arrange vote “VKontakte”. Let humanity during the two days will decide which of the most ingenious inventions. The prize will be sent personally M. Phillips within Russia.

4. Prize

Наушники Philips CitiScape SHL5205
Headphones Philips CitiScape SHL5205
Good luck!

5. Vote

As is usually the case, many people did not follow the rules of the competition. As many have suggested, “approved” options: the wheel, fire, and more. There were good options, but not by the format. It’s time to decide the winner!

Some of the options may appear resulting from one another. But the vote argument. And by the other options we just could not get through.

Ilya Mitkevich:

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – the Internet. It is virtually all of the information known to humanity gathered in one place, well and without him I would not have found out about this competition. ”

Vladimir Tikhonov

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – the wheel. It is used in almost all the mechanisms and we meet with them every day. ”

Ian Kezhkovski:

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – writing. Without it, there would be no books, and books that make an intelligent and educated man, calculations on a large scale would not be possible, that drove to a dead end development of exact sciences. The appearance was so popular nowadays computer technology would be simply unrealistic. ”

Herman Eysmont:

“The greatest invention of mankind can be something without which humanity can not be imagined – a society (as a monolithic community of people). Without society was not human, then what about the inventions we actually talk. ”

Vadim Retz:

“Literature – the most important invention, because it is inspired and inspiring humanity to the opening, and thus takes us to the next stage of development. After all, science fiction writers have pushed for the opening, for example, Jules Verne. His novels have been a support for inventors. ”

Alexander Parvatov:

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – the religion. From ancient times, religion enslaves and intimidates people. With the help of religion can make a man do anything, from an explosion in the subway, before the outbreak of war. This ingenious tool is the powerful of this world and now. ”

Dima Pechenin:

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – thanks to Charles Frederick Worth, who came up with a foam cup bra. Thanks to him, the girls sometimes have breasts. ”

Michael Sannikov:

“The nuclear reactor. After all, the energy – the main thing in our history. And the invention itself required an unprecedented knowledge, courage, luck and, of course, a genius. ”

Nikita Dubtsov:

“Computer. 33 862 700 000 000 000 operations per 1 second. ”

Nikita Bogomolov:

“The most ingenious invention of mankind – electricity. We can talk a lot about light bulbs, on the phone … but it’s so!? I believe that if the world did not invent electricity, civilization would have developed in the style of “steampunk” … and on the steam engines, does not go far. ”

Vote for the winner!
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