Cool and then attack is the key to success, “the last survivor” second trial version demo report




Cool and then attack is the key to success, “the last survivor” second trial version demo report
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Although this is no “Shuaishen” Derek, but Joel says it is not the fate of ordinary frustrations.

Following the “last survivor” during the Taipei Game Show demo was released with a media campaign level, has once again released a new wave of experience content.

Unlike previous works focused features to the dark interior war mainly the release of “Lincoln” and “Pittsburgh” two paragraphs belong to street fighting, although the content is not long, but generally can be seen that the level design features, which Joel is still some upside down on the ceiling, 180 degree inverted duel zombie plot. The demo report as usual will not discuss the details of the puzzle, we will for the overall performance and content were discussed.


Content longer “Lincoln”, Joel and Ellie both from the edge of the plant located in the city ruins, find a way to sneak into the town, and then get ambushed local friend Bill Joel met; “Pittsburgh”, two people in the car through the city, accident subjected to enemy attack, and then trapped in a store ruins.

The demo version provides a complete set of system interfaces, including controllers, screen brightness, subtitle switches and other control details, two points have provided a simple, normal, hard, survivors and other four kinds; may be adjusted before the start of the game , playing to half can be adjusted at any time, but after adjusting the light configuration problems, get back to the last documented points to note before use.


One enters “Lincoln,” Joel and Ellie came to see an abandoned factory outside, is finding a way forward but found that plant is surrounded by wire fences surrounded by layers, the only entrance has a heavy big lock on, when Joel can only observe think of ways to sneak around; At this point, I would like him look around you can carry or move props, apart carefully and do not forget a bold attempt, be possible to find a way out.

Finally into town, they found lurking in the city’s Bill a large number of mines scattered around the organs, explosive power and full touch that is risk of serious injury; lift specially when consumed without bullets or arrows, anywhere to take pieces of brick or bottle thrown in the past triggering can be. This game has also confirmed the attack organs, with no way to resolve if the zombies, the best in their lives or moves, pay attention to the surrounding environment.


If dark dark scenes bit listening identified skills needs, and that in broad daylight alleys inside, you’d better watch out or the wall are lurking in the empty house behind the enemy. There is a saying zombie gregarious personality, if your eyes only see a zombie, be careful shot crushed, it was very likely there are hundreds of thousands of zombies possibilities.

Zombie downright, but it is not not solvable. “The last survivors,” the zombie has a high sensitivity for the sound through scattered around throwing bottles, bricks and mortar attacks to distract the enemy before.


Although the trial version, but the game has a complete production system synthesis rendered version of the content but because of the limited experience of the reason, the system of allotment of primitive weapons, plus find along the bow, sticks alone is more than enough to deal with the enemy; If the experience goals focus on the story content levels, large production systems can be omitted, if you want to feel making fun, but also because of the limited relationship between the content, the best areas for each blanket search, have a chance to complete the material collected.

As for the production team had been repeatedly emphasized flashlight light projection system and the elements, in response to the main battleground belong to the streets in broad daylight battle, accidentally come in handy not much chance; if the player too little dark room, then do not forget to press “R3” open flashlight, flashlight reuse swinging the controller to help charge.


“Lincoln” content before and after two thrilling plot, a chance encounter with Bill Shique is hit zombie army siege, watching constantly gushing from four zombies, wise and brave players even then, do not rush to shoot comeback , turned away Suansha shame really do not parody; basically, so you slip away until after the discovery, followed by technology that is really the start of the test, how to run precise, run fast enough, but also to find ways to throw off the zombies encirclement.


The second paragraph is Joel strayed organs, is 180 degrees upside down on the ceiling, Ellie, although it will try to find ways to escape, but the four near the zombies but once again let the two crisis. Can be considered a production team considerate player is hanging upside down from the ceiling, aim at the enemy is not easy, being upside down when all attacks, and consumption in the basic range of equipment and ammunition, bombs endless adequate fire, absolutely enough fire way to help you use Ellie turnaround.


Next, let’s look at the second paragraph demo “Pittsburgh”, an abandoned shop, surrounded by a bunch of enemies, key players in the side apart from attack, but also know how to defend; just because the “last survivor” rather emphasizes the enemy AI design , so players do not expect the outset, “the enemy attacked from the front obediently,” from the front side of the enemy from the rear panel of three to two – way touch near side. According to our re-play here very many times the experience, taking advantage of a gap still waiting to see the enemy began, seize the time to first collect store resources, and then in turn would be more effort to solve.


Again encounter the “last survivor”, better understand simple assault, no brain bursts in this for almost unworkable. In fast-moving zombies, for example, aimed at easy, shoot zombies afraid drew near, take a stick or a fist fight though practical explosive, but can not cope with multiple enemies at once, plus almost bitten a directly killed … …. In short, if the same battlefield to fight three times still can not succeed, do not rush fell freak, everywhere you want to pick up ammunition with fire suppression, first look around, wondering if there is a better point of attack can be applied.

Inside impressive combat skills, than hijack enemy this trick (as shown below), in addition to deter the enemy, the suspension of the situation, but also as a movie-like, armed brain to be added something to the enemy guns, be considered a functional effect .


Naughty Dog is also emphasized performance and motion picture work, “The Last Survivor” less “Uncharted adventure” attribute distinctive character design, a little more character and background combine to create an atmosphere. The terrain is no longer just used for the background files bullets, latent, or even just simply Daguai card points, on the contrary, ignoring terrain only of hooded attackers will definitely speed up the possibility of failure again. But was like a zombie bite, you have almost no chance to get rid of re-direct to the general, “the last survivor” allows players to see the face of the cruelty of life.

Without much hesitation, do not give you too many chances, “the last survivor” life or death, you only have a second option.


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