core temperature of the Earth for a thousand degrees higher than previously thought




core temperature of the Earth for a thousand degrees higher than previously thought


According to published April 26 the results of scientific research in the journal Science, found that the core temperature of the planet by 1000 degrees higher than previously estimated. Due to these observations, the scientists an opportunity to better understand how our Earth generates a magnetic field.

The group that conducted the new study, measured in the laboratory indicators of higher boiling point of iron and, by comparing the results with the performance of the external and inner core, has come to the conclusion that their temperature is about 6000 degrees Celsius. That is almost the same as the temperature of the sun .

The fact that the differences in terms of temperature is very important for scientists. After all, it helps to explain how the Earth generates a magnetic field. The solid core of the earth is located inside the outer liquid core, on which, in turn, is solid, but at the same time, the fluidized bed mantle. Due to the difference of temperature between the layer of the mantle and the inner core, which is about 2,700 degrees Celsius, and also due to the movement and rotation of the planet’s mantle and a magnetic field.

For the new experiment, using a novel X-ray technique that allows you to make calculations much faster than before. In conventional laboratory timeslot iron compression process, which could show whether its structure is still solid or iron melts, was only possible for a few seconds. The new method is based on the diffraction of scientists, which is formed when X-rays or any other form of light encounters an obstacle and its envelope.

Experiments have shown that at a pressure of 2.2 million times higher than the normal pressure at sea level, the melting point of iron is 4800 degrees Celsius. Based on the results obtained by research, scientists have concluded that the temperature between the inner and outer core of the Earth at a pressure of 3.3 atmospheres million (3.3 million times higher than the atmospheric pressure at sea level) is 6000 degrees, plus or minus 500 degrees.

The study involved organizations such as CEA (French national technological research organization), the French National Center for Scientific Research and the European Research accelerator facility (ESRF).
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