Courage brings success.




Soul Sustenance & Message for the day 07-01-2014

Posted: 06 Jan 2014 12:30 PM PST
Soul Sustenance 07-01-2014

Karmas In Spiritual Consciousness (Part 2)

Vikarmasor negative actions are those actions performed in body-consciousness. Sukarmas or positive actions are those actions performed in soul and Supreme Soul-consciousness. Given below are some more differences between the two (we had explained a few yesterday):

Body Consciousness: Relationships become bondages (burdens) and causes of sorrow rather than enjoyment.
Spiritual Consciousness: Relationships with others are purified and elevated. There is no sense of bondage.

Body Consciousness: Conflicts, which can be called clashes of sanskaras, occur between souls. There is negativity, sensitivity and disunity.
Spiritual Consciousness: Souls are able to harmonize with each other with happiness and peace.

Body Consciousness: Actions are performed to attract or impress others by the physical identity.
Spiritual Consciousness: Actions are performed to bring others also into relationship with the Supreme Soul.

Body Consciousness: Charity performed for others has the shadow of ego and has limited results.
Spiritual Consciousness: The highest charity of introducing other souls to the Supreme Soul is performed selflessly through thoughts, words and actions.

Message for the day 07-01-2014

Courage brings success.

Expression: Even after repeated trials and failures, when one does not lose courage, there is the ability to go on trying till success is achieved. Courage comes with the understanding that there is surely a way out. So a lot more effort is put in to find the right way. Success, which had been eluding for a long time will be finally attained.

Experience: When I have courage, I have hope. I will not give up the task mid way, but will put in continued effort. Because of this there is no difficulty experienced even whilst putting in extra effort but I do everything with enthusiasm and happiness. So nothing seems difficult and I easily move towards success.

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