Created a material that actively takes oxygen from the air




Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark synthesized materials with a crystalline structure that can bind and store oxygen in high concentrations. One spoon substance enough to take all the oxygen out of the room. Canned oxygen can be used as needed.

For the normal life of a person is enough to breathe air containing 21 percent oxygen. But sometimes require higher concentrations, for example, patients with oxygen deficiency, who have to carry heavy oxygen tanks. Or fuel cell vehicles, which rely on regulated supply of oxygen. Possibly, in the future there will be reversible fuel cells, powered by the sun, which will separate the oxygen from the hydrogen, and then to recombine them in order to obtain energy.

An important feature of the new material the researchers call the possibility of the reverse reaction with oxygen. Properties of the material allow you to connect, store and transport oxygen. The material can bind up to 160 times more oxygen than is contained in the ambient air. Roughly, it works on the principle of sponge which absorbs water first, and then sets it in compression.


Assembled oxygen can be stored in the crystals long as he wants. It is released by heating the material or at reduced pressure. Now scientists are trying to get oxygen from the material with the help of sunlight.

A key component of the new material – organically bound cobalt. rate of absorption depends on the oxygen content of the air, temperature, pressure and other factors. The process abstraction of oxygen from the environment can take seconds, minutes, hours or days. Different versions of the substances can bind oxygen at different speeds. This allows you to create devices that operate in different conditions. For example, from different layers of the material can be gathered mask that will actively take oxygen from the air and delivering it to the patient without the aid of auxiliary equipment.

Oxygenated material is comparable to the balloon, which is filled with pure oxygen under pressure. The difference is that the substance can comprise three times more oxygen.

The new material can help not only to patients hypoxia but also divers who can breathe oxygen derived from the ambient air and water. For a breath enough to have a few granules of the material.

The study was published in the journal Chemical Science.


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