Dark Soul Sacrifice” Traditional Chinese version on sale on the eve offering good fun, rice boat King II praised the amount of help topics pub “super-powerful!”




Dark Soul Sacrifice” Traditional Chinese version on sale on the eve offering good fun, rice boat King II praised the amount of help topics pub “super-powerful!”
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Keiji rice boat to Taiwan again, this time for “Dark Soul Sacrifice” Chinese version of Exchange.

As sizzling PS Vita “dark soul sacrifice” Traditional Chinese version for sale in Taiwan atmosphere, Taiwan Sony Computer Entertainment (SCET) 19 日 organized “dark soul sacrifice Traditional Chinese Listed Eve Festival” activities, combined with the yakitori izakaya “Wu left hand “Only three of Taiwan to create” dark soul sacrifice Limited themed restaurant “, then invited the players and the development team to the scene fun.

The event visitors include the provision of this for the whole concept of Comcept CEO / Conceptor rice boat King II, Mr. create specific game world related Director Shimokawa Fai Philip, as a systems development and construction MarvelousAQL Director Suzuki Toru, as well as on behalf of SCE WWS Japan Studio attend and is responsible for product listed Akira Toriyama’s, Kentaro Motomura, etc.


Turning again to the “dark soul sacrifice” creative ideas, rice boat King II and its development team pointed out that the first spindle from “orthodox fantasy” style, in order to make people impressed with the work you do not want to set made less sense, so at the same time emphasize differences also attaches importance to creating characteristic works. Because the initial planning has been listed as one of the objectives will be U.S. and European markets, coupled with dark fantasy is quite common for the European market in terms of work and want to deepen the impression, so in establishing the concept of salvation and killing, and then all the above ideas , the output of this dark-oriented works.


Based on recent products will also be issued after another handheld, the host version and the feasibility of providing cross-platform play, so asked whether he had the opportunity to cross from the PS Vita home console platforms; development team said that based on the “dark soul sacrifice” PS Vita from early development had been the target, which is not only a goal but also their first and most important core; words or in handheld-based. Digression, the scene because a question as to PS3 home console representative results are consistent with the development team they shouted, “If it should not be done is PS4 PS3 fishes Oh!” (Laughs appearance).


For if there is a chance to see the sequel, the development team admits Although already began to receive a lot of players, but the current plan is not so, in short, will have the opportunity to continue. As for the game sold performance parts, they think perhaps the Asian habit multiplayer gameplay relationship impressive works currently in Asia, are satisfied.

As this response to the “dark soul sacrifice” Chinese version suitable organized by theme pub activity when the development team was asked into the rear of feelings, rice boat King two first expressed “super-powerful Ah!”; He said, because the development team has been want to make an impressive work, so developers do everything to make time work looks very “dark”, so completely did not think that the world can be so ugly as combined with the restaurant, it really gives people an impression ! As for the other team then for SCET cultural group develop a menu name impressed.


“Dark Soul Sacrifice” Chinese version is expected June 20 launch date, the connection between the Chinese version does not communicate, but the Chinese version can be inherited Japanese version record. Is now open for the Japanese version of the updated content part, the production team promised would continue to accelerate the pace of cultural players; For game updates or additional downloads body plan will also develop after sustained investment.

The “dark soul sacrifice Limited themed restaurant” will be “Wu left hand” in Lishui shop, Bade shop, the public store appearance, activity time from the 19th until July 31.


The events of Lishui shop, although not a major theme set, but there are some hidden many decorating ingenuity, even the clerk clothing also presented with the theme, the player to dine, please note that the bamboo skewers, above the inscription “PS Vita “message Oh!











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