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Company started Microsoft in 2009 to work on hybrid devices and devices that make up today’s series Surface, the team has suffered a few hiccups in the way to develop the brand of the company and access to the latest Microsoft Surface device works by Windows 10 operating system.

All the sudden, early optimism

Microsoft has on Monday June 18, 2012 at the invitation of the media competent technology to a special event in Los Angeles to announce a new product from Microsoft is the first device of Surface Tablet category.

Former CEO of the company Steve Ballmer and the announcement of the device to the side of Stephen Sainovski former president of the Windows partition in the company within the last public appearance as an employee of Microsoft.

Surface is the first major initiative by Microsoft to integrate Windows operating system with its own steel gear, as the first computer system has been designed and sold and distributed by Microsoft is considered.

Surface RT steel gear

The launch of the first generation of computer Surface RT in October 26 of 2012, and coincided with the launch of Windows 8 system, and it was supposed to be an exhibition Surface RT device applications to the new Windows.

The first impression of a Surface RT mixed in terms of being a tablet computer that is running the latest Microsoft systems with strong steel hardware and a variety of Windows applications located within the Windows Store.

Microsoft has in the fall of 2012 the new marketing of the device in various forms, including television advertising, he got the machine to the attention of a lot of people interested.

Surface turned into a Pro Pro

Surface Pro first device on the market on February 9, 2013 afternoon, and it was much like a real computer device limit in terms of his ability to run a full range of desktop and Windows applications.

Write off $ 900 million

It was clear with the holy month of July of 2013, the demand for the first generation of Surface devices has dropped much less than Microsoft Outlook, former Executive President Steve Ballmer and was signed to write off $ 900 million to cover the lost revenue.

Where Microsoft announced on July 18, 2013 about the existence of a stockpile of devices Surface RT and extensions accessories and device-specific value of $ 900 million, which caused losses to the company and the impact on the performance of the rest of the products and services that contributed to the fourth quarter of 2013 earnings.

Said Brian Hall, general manager of marketing that Microsoft Surface is committed one hundred percent to your company and Surface RT system Windows RT, and the company will work to move forward, and there is no plans to cancel any product of them, but this commitment did not last long.

The emergence of Surface Pro 2

The Microsoft Corp. in the September 23, 2013 to announce devices Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2, which is characterized by solid with equipment and software updated from the original version.

It was launched Surface Pro 2 in October 22 of 2013, after only eight months of the launch of Surface Pro device, Microsoft has made significant updates in the new apparatus.

Where the inclusion of the computer unit a new central processing, and submitted it with Windows System 8.1 after four days of providing the system to consumers, the company said that the apparatus of the new tablet in favor of the use of more and easier than previous models, as the changes affected the computer datum, but the machine remained heavy from hand weight and far from success in general.

Surface 2 before the end of the beginning

When the device launched by Microsoft in October of 2013 he was still working with the central processing unit Nvidia Tegra 4 and a copy of Windows RT 8.1, as it was considered a simple update of the original device Surface RT.

End Windows RT

Microsoft made in early 2014 and without fuss to end Windows RT and associated devices have a system, and the abolition of the idea of ​​Surface Mini device that was supposed to come screen of 8-inch, which was expected to be the company to announce it for the first time during the press conference Angad, who during the month of May in New York City.

Charming appearance Surface Pro 3

Microsoft announced in May 20, 2014 for a Surface Pro 3 redesigned, and has being put on the market in June 20, 2014, Microsoft worked on the face of the previous failure by re-device design a new perspective, and could have been the new computer considered Tablet substitute for a notebook where he was more thinner and thinner and lighter and has greater flexibility.

Surface devices invade markets

Microsoft worked during 2013 and 2014 to strengthen its organs in the markets, and has during that period to pay $ 400 million to the National Association Football NFL as part of the deal is based on the adoption of the Association and agreed to make the Surface PCs are the only devices accredited to the Association and all the terms of its business.

Surface 3 No more RT

Microsoft has after a year and specifically on March 302 015 Surface 3 to announce the smaller version of the Surface Pro 3, the device was thrown into the May 5, 2015, replacing the previous finished off Surface RT and Surface 2.

And the computer is powered by Intel Atom processors, and gets the energy through micro-USB slot much like phones or small Allouhaat, and was considered the process of devices, small and lightweight, but what happened later overshadowed by.

There are a huge number of peripherals

Microsoft has worked in the field of devices for a long period of time, and have different designs and are popular with respect to the peripheral devices attached, such as a mouse, keyboard, and had a family Surface its own devices of the terminals of the brand including revenue special platforms with Surface Pro 3.

Hello Surface Pro 4

Microsoft has on October 10, 2015 announcement of the latest computers from a device category Surface Surface Pro 4, during a special event held by the company in New York City.

The machine did not carry a lot of surprises compared to the previous version, which was considered as a copy of a revised Surface Pro device 3, while maintaining the same dimensions, and is compatible with older peripherals.

But the device contained an important advantage is the possibility of logging on to the device by the face or eye and fingerprint across Windows Hello feature supported in the device through the front camera integration with the Windows 10 system, and the new Cover fingerprint reader ensures an alternative method to log on to the device.

Showing the new device Surface Book

The administrator for devices in Microsoft’s Panos Panay during the announcement of the computer Surface Pro 4 event to announce the new device Surface Book, which is the first laptop hybrid special Microsoft’s latest device running Windows 10.

The device is considered a strong contender for notebook computers and other high-end competition from companies such as Apple and Microsoft hardware manufacturers partners for portable computers.

It is also worth noting the key role played by Panos Panay devices in the Microsoft official, who was on stage with Stephen Sainovski during the announcement of the original Surface RT device in 2012 happened.


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