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The version of the Dell XPS 13 with full HD screen is still slightly better than the high-end version. Although the resolution is lower and there is a Core i5 in lieu of a more powerful Core i7 present, but there is a significantly longer duration compared to battery, which is a very welcome feature is at an ultra-portable such as this. There is no touchscreen, but few will really miss and you get a matte screen back. The other good features have remained the thin bezel remains the best player.

Compact thanks to thin edges
Matte screen
Solid housing
Long battery life
Automatic brightness can not
Tweakers zegt: 9,5
Price for publication: € 1199, –
Available from: € 1,264.07
Tested Configuration: Dell XPS 13 (2015) 9343-6775
The XPS 13 is one of the most attractive ultrabooks at the moment, mainly thanks to its very compact size, combined with a 13.3 “screen. In February, we looked at the high-end model of the XPS 13, which has all the bells and whistles such as a touchscreen, a 3200×1800-pixel resolution and a Core i7. Laptop made a very positive impression on us, but the presence of high-end components also led to a high price, while high resolution made the model does not excelled what battery life is concerned.

In this review we discuss the release of the XPS 13 with Core i5 and full HD screen. We mainly focus on the parts that differ from the previous model we tested. For detailed discussion of, among other design, rugged casing and the terminals of the XPS 13 we refer to previous review: Dell XPS 13 Review – Ultrabook with a golden touch .

Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)

The most striking change concerns the screen. Retained are the thin screen edges, where Dell still seems to have a monopoly, but this laptop does not have a touchscreen. About the usefulness of an touchscreen on a laptop, you can talk long, but it is a must have in any case. Maybe get a lot of apps that use the touchscreen as a universal app platform with Windows 10 is crystallized, but this is conjecture.

Touchscreens are associated with glossy screens, but the omission of the touch-sensitive layer allows the use of a matte screen as possible. Personally we are a fan of matte screens, but we do not see much anymore. The advantage of mat is that you see no reflections when you look at the screen, so you can focus on a computer image is not bothered by reflections. We are working with a matte screen finer, especially for multimedia use, but this is not for everyone. Some argue that a reflective screen a more sparkling image and is thus finer example to watch movies in the dark. Since it is not a multimedia notebook here, do we dare to say that the matte screen for most usage scenarios of the XPS 13 is preferred.

Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)

A lower resolution than 3200×1800 pixels of course does not necessarily have a blurred image on a 13.3 “screen. The resolution of 1920×1080 pixels will be enough for most people and creates the added advantage not to troubleshooting, scaling. That said 3200×1800 pixels produces a sharp image so that you even up close can not see the pixels. That can at this full-HD resolution though.

In the previous XPS13 model that we tested, we had trouble with the automatic brightness adjustment. Again, the brightness of our test much lower than desired. When displaying dark areas on the screen, the XPS screw the brightness namely himself back, which affects our test results. Dell explained to investigate whether an update for manual adjustment was possible, but as far as we know, that did not appear, and it is unclear whether this will happen. The model in this test so you do not decide whether the full brightness and is activated that remains a minus.

The average value of the range of the Dell screen is a little too low and the average color deviation too high. The color of the 3200×1800 screen of the pricier Dell XPS 13 is better, but again, not much better.

Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd) screen measurementsDell XPS 13 2015 (fhd) screen measurements

Another problem that we are not so experienced but many users are concerned the trackpad. Many users indicated that the pointer could jump considerably and often too slow response to your touch. Dell has already released a firmware update to address this seems to. We experienced it in any case, even after prolonged use. However, there is another shortcoming; Two-finger scrolling works smoothly with Windows and Internet Explorer, but slightly less in Firefox and Chrome even come hitches on. In other programs, such as Adobe, working with scrolling gestures again be smooth. Maybe so it is up to the browsers. Since this is a Microsoft-precision touchpad, only settings within Windows 8.1 as possible and limited, but Windows 10 promises improvement in this area.


Another difference with the high-end XPS 13 processor. In place of the Core i7-5500U there is the Core i5-5200U. This is a dual core of Broadwell generation with a fast clock of 2.2GHz and a turbo boost to 2,7GHz. We look at the difference in performance between the two.

Photoshop CC – GPU Accelerated
System Name Processor GPU In seconds, lower is better
Asus N751JK Core i7-4710HQ GTX 850M **** 77.60
Dell XPS 13 Core i7-5500U HD 5500 **** 97.90
Asus Zenbook UX303 Core i7-4510U HD 4400 ***** 101.90
Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Core i7-4500U HD 4400 ***** 103.00
Dell XPS 13 (fhd, 2015) Core i5-5200U HD 5500 ***** 109.40
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Core i5-4300U HD 4400 ***** 115.00
Asus Zenbook UX302 Core i5-4200U HD 4400 ****** 122.50
Asus T300 Chi Core M 5Y10c HD 5300 ****** 137.20
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Core M 5Y70 HD 5300 ****** 138.90
Asus Zenbook UX305 Core M 5Y10 HD 5300 ******* 153.00
The Core i7 XPS from the previous test has more L3 cache, higher clock speeds and GPU that just a fraction can run faster. This puts the model, a substantially higher score down with our Photoshop test. Compared to other competitors put the Core i5 XPS great results, but it then comes to laptops with Haswell processor or slower Core M. As there appear more competitors Broadwell chips, these XPS 13 will be a place in the middle should accept. In conjunction with the 8GB DDR3 memory and 256GB Samsung PM851 SSD-, turns the laptop anyway all applications smoothly enough. Broadcom 802.11ac network provides fast wireless internet.

In terms of hardware is worth mentioning that Dell has bios updates deployed to prevent the fan at unexpected times at full speed is going to do his job. Some users complained that the fan sometimes from scratch was full blown.

Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)Dell XPS 13 2015 (fhd)
Battery life

Because the laptop has a lower resolution and a somewhat slower processor than its high-end sibling, we wondered if there was to measure a positive effect on battery life. In addition, we recorded a slightly higher battery capacity of 53Wh.

Battery test browsing 2013 (180cd / m²)
System Name Resolution Battery capacity In minutes, higher is better
Apple MBA 13 “, 2014, OS X 1440×900 54WH ******* 13u12m
Dell XPS 13 (fhd, 2015) 1920×1080 53Wh ***** 10u10m
Asus Zenbook UX305 1920×1080 45Wh ***** 9u16m
Apple MacBook, 2015, OS X 2304×1440 40Wh ***** 9u2m
Asus Zenbook UX303 1920×1080 49Wh **** 7u39m
Asus Zenbook UX302 1920×1080 50Wh **** 7u33m
Microsoft Surface Pro 3 2160×1440 43Wh **** 7u27m
Dell XPS 13 3200×1800 52Wh *** 6u3m
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro 3200×1800 44Wh *** 5u34m
Asus T300 Chi 2560×1440 31Wh *** 5u9m
The effect on the battery life proved significant. Dell puts the second highest fastest time behind the MacBook Air, which has a lower resolution and larger size. The battery test when running video shows a similar picture: Battery test video 2013 (180cd / m2) Battery Times about ten really a relief for people on the go and it means that you do not always need your diet to join take some extra portability benefits.


After our pleasant acquaintance with the high-end Dell XPS 13 knows us with this cheaper version again pleasantly surprised. Not only did the most positive features, there are even two added. Thus, we prefer the matte screen and the battery life has increased dramatically. Combined with the lower price considering what we are concerned, against the absence of the touch screen, lower resolution and less powerful processor. The model in this test, with 8GB of DDR3 and a 256GB SSD, costs at the time of writing 1199 euros. There is a 100 euros cheaper version, but the amount of RAM and storage capacity have been halved, making this model has our preference.

Lowest rates: Dell XPS 13 (2015) 9343-6775

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