Detection devices set to compete with Google’s smart glasses at CES2015




CES 2015 exhibition witnessed technical currently being held in Las Vegas, US, reviews several new smart glasses may be competing for the Google glasses smart in smart glasses market, which is expected to show a significant recovery during the current year.

Reviewed the Sony prototype unit single-lens display can be combined with any ordinary glasses to be converted into smart glasses, which launched the Smart Eyeglass Attach name.

Unity and you view the image on the OLED screen measuring 0.23-inch 640 × 400 pixels, and provides a field of view equivalent to 16 inches to two meters in front of the eye, which is the unit that supports communication techniques through the “Bluetooth” and Wi-Fi.

Sony says that the unit can be used in video recording and browse pictures and letters next to several other features, based on sensors built for movement and touch next to an electronic compass and a measure of acceleration, and it will work in the coming period, and the pre-market, improved specifications and greater advantages.

The weight of the unit, which includes two pieces connected by a high-wire Tthbta on both sides of the ordinary glasses, about 40 grams, and includes a battery capacity of 400 mAh / h.

Sony display unit to convert to regular glasses smart glasses
Sony display unit to convert to regular glasses smart glasses

Glasses “Viozaks” smart
For its part, the company “Viozaks” Vuzix revealed the final model of the M100 smart glasses, the company announced a few days ago about buying Intel worth $ 24.8 million of its shares.

The glasses can “Viozaks” smart, like glasses Google, recording and playback of video clips, and to assist the user in reaching trends thanks browsing feature maps, along with features Internet browsing, e-mail and text messages.

Smart glasses and also supports voice commands feature both during non-contact or connect to the Internet, thanks to a system that produced by Nuance company, also supports communication devices operating system Android as well as iPhone phones.

Includes magnifying battery of 550 mAh / Capacity hour, able to withstand up to 6 hours in standby mode, and two hours at the default screen operation, and one hour when the display and use of the camera, in addition to the 5 megapixel camera, processor speed of 1.2 GHz, and operates Android 4.0-based 0.4 “Ice Cream Sandwich.”

And provide “Viozaks” smart glasses demand through its official,, at a starting price of US $ 1000, and provided a number of designs and colors, including gray and white colors.

Glasses “Viozeiks” Smart M100
Glasses “Viozeiks” Smart M100

Smart glasses ODG
At the same show, the company “Oosterhout Design Group” ODG offered the first model of smart spectacles dedicated to ordinary consumers, where the company already offers spectacles of military and industrial use.

Includes glasses smart display screens ODG, one for each eye, accurately HD, and the possibility of a three-dimensional display, where the company says that the new glasses are located in the downtown area between Google smart glasses and virtual reality glasses.

Operates glasses processor “Snapdragon 805” system Android 4.4 “Kit Kat”, and supports Tguenta “Bluetooth” and Wi-Fi, and includes a front edge auto focus camera, and a battery that can withstand even a full day of working medium.

The user can use a pair of ODG in the recording and playback of video clips, in addition to holding talks with sound and image, and run a number of ad hoc system of Android applications.

US company plans to launch a consumer version of the smart spectacles in the markets during the current year, where he confirmed that is currently working on several developments in that version, and added that the glasses will not exceed the price when placing on the market of US $ 1000.

The consumer version of the glasses smart ODG
The consumer version of the glasses
ODG Smart

Glasses Smart Meme
This, Jins Japanese company also reviewed smart glasses, which was launched by Meme name, the glasses are designed primarily to track eye movement to send alerts to the smart user device either phone or calculator tablet on its activity and presence of physical as well as to ensure the health of the eye and the body alerts.

And supplied the glasses Meme sensors for movement and eye, to predict a sense her employer tired or sleepy, to send to his machine intelligent alerts telling him where the need to get a break, also provided three conditions are driving and home and work, and different alarms for different situation, which is set magnifying it.

And provide smart glasses alerts while driving in the case of feeling sleepy user, so as to ensure he woke up, also offers other alerts ideal situation, which should be the body of her employer while sitting, standing, and alerts that appear on your application glasses available for smart devices.

It was the glasses frames Jins Meme several modern designs design, the glasses, which is expected to be provided by the Japanese company this year at a price of $ 199 in several countries around the world.


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