Deus Ex: Divided Mankind comes out on February 23, 2016




Deus Ex: Divided Mankind is on February 23, 2016 in the shelves for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows. Developer Square Enix, however, does not answer or is this a worldwide release date, so possible European gamers have to wait a few days longer than the American public.

Eidos Montreal makes the news of the famous action-RPG franchise include known via Twitter. At the same time announced the Canadian developer Augment Your Pre-order program to. Users can use their pre-orders of the Day One Edition achieved a kind of stretch goals, as known from Kickstarter. The more people order this edition advance, the more reward levels are released. People with this pre-order may choose what reward they want. If the pre-orders reach the last level of action, the gamers get the game four days earlier at home. It also falls to the bonuses include dlc, artbooks, and the soundtrack of the game.

For those who want more than this, there is the actual Collector’s Edition. It contains all digital and physical bonuses there. At the E3 show this year has expanded Tweakers stood at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Unclear is whether the game will be released worldwide on 23 February. Pastor Deus Ex: Human Revolution came in 2011 three days later in Europe than in North America. It is therefore possible that European gamers have to wait a little longer. The game is made for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Windows.

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August 31, 2015 18:42
Augment your pre-order. It should not be crazier. And yet people continue here but massively depressing : X
JanW • August 31, 2015 22:07
It should indeed be prohibited. Total Biscuit has immediately but a video dedicated to:
@ rbr320 • August 31, 2015 23:12
I can this time be fully agree with TB’s story here.

I think the fact that the illegal version is now possibly even earlier by the early release of four days. This will not exactly in favor of squar enix.

But very likely people will again go blind pre-ordering.
mxmayo • September 1, 2015 00:30
That will probably be the case, yes.

The worst thing is that you have a ‘tier’ of the pre-order system a pre-order item “choose. As a result, the illegal version the only fully complete version (ie all bonus content that can do with it). Square Enix strikes the shelf so completely wrong with this action … the purchased version would be inferior to the illegal version, while the opposite is the case should be to get maximum sales.

I go there almost assume that this does not continue pre-order system, the trailer is in fact by Square Enix though Youtube removed the large backlash.
The Phoenix II
xPoekie • September 1 2015 08:13
By SE itself? Source?
_eXistenZ_ xPoekie • September 1 2015 07:09
mxmayo • September 1, 2015 07:43
I’ve had it for a long time in my wishlist stand Steam and go to him pre-ordering the first minute that it can …
August 31, 2015 18:00
Vet. If a game is where I want to upgrade my video card this is it!

Not the 1st time I bought a new card for deus ex 🙂
alexrins • September 1, 2015 09:04
Ah, the good old days where I had to buy a new VooDoo FX card because the old one could not cope Deux Ex : +

I just do not think if you’ve played DXHR that you need a new card for DX: MD, it looks pretty identical to its predecessor, and I think it is built on the same engine. I do find myself fine, I have a strong enough system to games like Witcher stuff to play, but I found the artstyle beautifully in HR.

I’m not going to pre-order (I just do not), but I am there when the chickens when he gets out.
August 31, 2015 18:06
I think it’s not bad to have to wait three days longer on the release. This is probably due to the fact that in America be put games on Tuesday on the shelves while in Europe the Thursday before it is used. A bit of an outdated method to use still use, but I can live with.
Ample Energy [Tweakers Plus]
August 31, 2015 18:16
With Pale Moon can not I select options, Internet Explorer can not I enter my age, boxes like ‘Features’ products to be empty, the CE I can not find (there’s a bit more about these customization familiar?) .. .

Then another gameplay video from final where the game will be really seemed to focus on large firefights, shields and attacks that hit multiple opponents.

They know me with any news to enthuse more (that was sarcasm). I hope the next news that stealth and shows the results of the CE, then I pre-order a copy within a second!
August 31, 2015 18:41

Unclear is whether the game will be released worldwide on 23 February. Pastor Deus Ex: Human Revolution came in 2011 three days later in Europe than in North America.

Is not that all games so? Tuesday to Friday for US and EU?

[Response changed by GeforceAA on August 31, 2015 18:41]
August 31, 2015 18:52
I’m really curious about this game because I’m a fan of Deus Ex ‘t first hour and the original one of my most beloved games. I t will also have game on release day at home, but I’m _not_ to assist this kind of pre-order frills.
AA Mous
August 31, 2015 19:39
I bought the collectors edition of human revolution, too, so I still like here also wants the collectors edition of : D
August 31, 2015 21:08
HR I found super cute, and since Adam will participate again in this part I have really looking forward to
However preorderen, mwa. Those four days I can wait.
August 31, 2015 21:38
That whole thing with the pre-order nonsense really this game completely ruined it for me. I almost never pay full price for games, but this seemed to be one of those rare moments. This ingenious trailer has personally ensured that it certainly does not need me. Grose.
August 31, 2015 21:51
Mankind divided them thus aims at gamers who become ill is said that pre-order nonsense and gamers who buy it?
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Tech institute Fraunhofer opens office in Netherlands
Microsoft calm xbox one new Elite Bundle with sshd 1TB

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