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We wrote an application developer RIDERS

RIDERS – app for everyone who is interested in extreme sports. From bicycles to wakeboard, everyone will find something of their own. It is based on a learning process that leads from basic techniques to the most complex tricks. Everyone can share their achievements, and on page trick you can see how it performed by people from around the world. There are also general news, which attracts photos and videos of the riders from a variety of disciplines from around the world. Users for more than 200 million, and the number is constantly growing.


How it all began
The idea did not come out of nowhere. We do ride, and when the level rose to in order to start making the first tricks – it turned out that a good educational content on the Internet is almost there. The only options were either trial and error or joint skating with the guys, which is something we already have. With RIDERS can learn how to do cool tricks, even at the North Pole.


Before application, we launched “Learning tricks” on the site RIDE.RU, whose development was then engaged. Almost immediately it became clear that the most correct format for this content – a mobile application that you can take with you right on the spot (the place of riding). The first version of the app called iRide, she was not the best design, there could only see the description of tricks, storyboard and video to them. But the version shown, that the application is claimed, and we realized that we need to continue.


The first thing we did – added ability to specify a level for each of the tricks that was clear progress in each of the disciplines. Then – did the opportunity to share their photos and videos. And then – the ability to specify which tricks users post. The social part of the beginning of the work, and we have changed with the naming iRide, on RIDERS, because the ride is better with friends.

And in the beginning, and now the most difficult in RIDERS – content. Description for the very first tricks that appeared on RIDE.RU, we took with English-language websites and translated. Then we started to involve the creation of descriptions of sponsored professional riders. With each, we learned, explained the idea of ​​the project and communicated throughout the content creation. Previously, it seemed to us that it is often not easy to work with designers and programmers, but it is absolutely not the case, with the riders – more difficult. We have to adjust to the travel patterns, if shooting Houten – in advance to prepare the script, if the text – rewrite it in plain language. There were stories, when we had a couple of hours to wait for the one who has to tell, wakes up after a rough last night, or when it is impossible to record the sound for the same reason. And sometimes vice versa, when everything is clear, the day turns to remove several videos. But be that as it may, all the efforts are worth it. Base training RIDERS unique, the second such in the world.


On the video, we also experimented for a long time. As a result, came to the conclusion that most of the operator removes that as a team for over a year, and in rare cases, we trust shooting partners, such as the guys from MADD Gear, LifeSteezeMedia or Quiksilver. To understand how we Pimp from the beginning, just look at one of our first movies, and then the one that appeared a year after that.

Access to the international market
Good Russian-English translator who would have been able to grasp the essence of specific terms, we managed to find the third time, through personal contacts. We were lucky and it works in the RIDERS for over a year. With third-party companies or freelancers turned to longer and more expensive. But to translate descriptions of applications in the App Store and the interface we use the service OneSkyApp: there’s enough to download a file with the text – and to get the output translated into any language, checked by editors. We checked the quality, showed translations friends from other countries, there were no problems. Translation of the description and application of keywords in different languages ​​well increases the organic influx of users, we are very pleased with the results.

Actor voiced Anglophone howto, managed to find at The first order we have made through their system, and then met and began to work directly, since our volume is much faster. A good example of what happens – How to Moto Whip BMX.


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