difficulty of situation lies in one’s own state of mind.




Beautiful Relationships – The Road To Success (Part 2)

2. Along with creating affirmations for the self, a very important virtue which makes relationships stronger and more beautiful is respect for others. Why is it that nowadays either deep respect in relationships is lacking or even if its present, it is short lived? Why have people become so egoistic and even a small negative circumstance can make all the respect shared between two people to be forgotten. Today, you see two people respecting each other immensely and after a year or two, they don’t see eye to eye. What is it that is not working in relationships? Giving respect to others, others’ personalities, others’ interests, others’ opinions, others’ lifestyles and not only thinking about oneself will make relationships lovely and they will work longer. Remember the one who respects oneself or has good and positive self-respect, is the one who respects others more. A first step to a good relationship is a positive self affirmation every morning – I am special and unique in this world and so is the other. I respect myself and respect the other. I give the other space to be themselves. That is true respect.

3. A beautiful characteristic of each soul in this world is love and relationships for every human being is a medium of give and take of love. Sometimes some people’s love is conditional and based on selfish desires. As long as the desires are fulfilled, they are full of love for the other. The moment the other person is unable to fulfill their desires, they can become revengeful and bitter. This is false love. So, becoming full of true and unconditional love is the key to long-term and positive relationships. This kind of sharing of love will resolve differences with others and keep you united and strongly connected always.

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Message for the day 24-10-2017

The difficulty of the situation lies in one’s own state of mind.

Expression:To make something big as small or to make something small as big depends on one’s state of mind. When one’s state of mind is good, to deal with situations becomes easy. So even difficult situations are crossed over with great ease. Then there will be no dependency on the external situations to change the internal state of mind. That is, there will never be a reaction to external situations but there will be always stability.

Experience: When my state of mind is good and powerful, I am confident of myself and am able to easily win over all obstacles. Otherwise, the situation takes hold of the internal state of my mind and I find myself bound by the situation. At such a time, I find the smallest situation to a very big obstacle. But with faith in myself I am very easily able to use my inner power to overcome situations.

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