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The latest news about oil prices and the dollar is clearly hinted to us: the hard times ahead. The natural desire of any person in crisis – save job and head – to reduce costs and expenses. In the pursuit of performance and security business owners introduce more stringent controls and subordinates, aware of the consequences of dismissal in this period suffer. Or is it?

How do you think we need to endure the crackdown for their own peace of mind that the company is not tomorrow will be covered with a copper basin, and you will not lose your work, and your boss for the sake of peace? Do you think that the enhanced control increases productivity? Is it possible to achieve a balance between efficiency, safety and comfort of business employees?

Join the discussion in the comments. The author of the reasoned opinion we will present three great books.

In the vastness of our vast country, and not very successfully, there are thousands of companies. In each their own traditions and rules. Let’s start with the hardcore version.

All forbid! It is safe and effective …?
At first glance it seems that effectively. Let’s be honest. Who among you does not go to sotsialochki and not looking seals or funny pictures on the job? On the pages of Layfhakera there are dozens of posts about how to deal with procrastination. People honestly laykali service that allows itself to ban certain sites during working hours. But why some services when there is a caring leader? He is strict but fair Chew for attempting otlynit. What is not a motivation?

Again, steal anything under the strict control too difficult. Someone may say that it is all the paranoia of those who shakes for their “business”. And here and there. Of course, people tend to be honest, but the fortress chain is determined by the weakest link. Again we return to the statistics leaks. Every day in the world, “funneling” personal and business data, and in 71% of cases the perpetrators – employees of companies. Where are these figures, if all honest?

Follow or not to follow the work of employees?

However, there are objective cons strict control. People know that they are being watched, really work, but they do it carelessly. As much as you want and not a drop more. Without initiatives from hoarding malice on the employer for that entered the measures interfere with and for trying to get into the personal life.

By the way, about his personal life at work. Here’s what experts say about this from the association for the protection of information:

The territory of the company – a public place and private life in this place is not protected by law. Accordingly, if someone decides to privacy in a public place – and he is to blame for all the negative consequences occurring.
Such cases. A simple piece of advice: do not mix work and personal life. Do not use working phones as well as e-mail, Skype and social networks on company computers to deal with personal issues, and then you do not have to worry about how legal or illegal to monitor employees.

And then there are the small and medium business, there is much more common loyal leaders. They are young, progressive and may have a different policy?

All solve! We work with adults and decent people … or not?
Then immediately comes to mind is a kind of start-up, or just a small company. State compact. Mostly young professionals. Energetic, with unspoiled corporate culture brain, freedom-loving. On Layfhakere they read about how cool to work in a free company. There is a theory according to which the team with a common purpose and understanding of the task does not need the manual. Nevertheless, stable and successful companies, where there is no control or concerns about the safety of their own intellectual activity, there are surprisingly rare. And all because in practice it does not work.

And it is not always the reason for it employees. There are cases when the culprit was the failure of the chief executive. It would seem that this person has to think soberly all but the rose-colored glasses can be just him. It seems that the team is happy, and the company has already brewing a conspiracy. Therefore, in such a crisis the company – not the most reliable place to work.

The company’s worked purchasing manager. Six months later, the manager retired, taking with them the base of suppliers, customers, and all financial information. Soon, he opened his own company. Suppliers already have potential clients too. Could only correct pricing, and now customers come from the new company offers a more pleasant conditions. As a result, the newly formed company successfully takes back some of the regional market.
It is in commercial organizations where more frequent soft security policy, there is most leaks. Freedom does not guarantee the accuracy or loyalty.

Follow or not to follow the work of employees?

Is it possible to balance and whether to suffer for his sake?
Any sane person would say that the balance is somewhere between total control and unlimited freedom. But where it goes this invisible line? And what if it lies far beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone? Do you agree to tolerate increased control (sometimes turns into a surveillance) for the sake of peace and stability? Actually, to address these fundamental questions we ask you to share your opinions and stories of life.

So poll. We are interested to know the real attitude of the people to strengthen control in the workplace.


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