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On December 10, 1993, Doom, the shooter of id Software, appeared with which entire tribes became acquainted with the first person shooter phenomenon and with playing against others via a network. Both have now become fixed values ​​within the game world.

Doom was not the first first person shooter to appear on the market. Only Doom developer id Software had four to his name. Doom was not the first game that could be played in multiplayer via a network. Yet the impact of Doom can not be underestimated, because when the game appeared on the market on 10 December 1993, a hype arose that would have a significant impact, especially on large companies and universities. Within a few hours after the game became available, a few American universities ran into the network because of the massive use of Doom. The same thing happened on many companies. Everywhere computers were included in a network, Doom was played, provided those computers were equipped with MS-DOS, the operating system that the game was running on. Where players did not have access to a company network, they dragged computers to each other’s house, to create a network there. For millions of gamers, Doom was the first acquaintance with both the genre and the way of playing.

Another aspect that not only made Doom popular, but also kept it popular for a long time, was the option to make mods for the game. Soon there appeared dozens of player-made maps for the game, supplemented with other mods, which sometimes added completely new game forms to the game. The game used wad files, in which graphic files, audio and also the floor plan of the levels were stored. The advantage was that these files remained separate from the engine, and could therefore be modified without having to edit the code of the engine. The result was that id Software could easily make the engine of the game available to other developers, a practice that has since become popular and would lead to modern engines like UnrealEd, the CryEngine and Frostbite Engine.


Doom would lead to a whole series of followers, soon referred to as Doom clones. It would make the fps gen popular and bombard the three-dimensional game world. Until then, two-dimensional sidescrollers predominated. In Doom, for the first time, the term deathmatch was used, invented by John Romero, the most important level designer of the game.

Doom would remain popular for a long time. At the end of 1995, when Windows 95 had been on the market for several months, it was estimated that Doom was still installed on more computers than the new operating system. For Bill Gates reason to want to port the game to the new ox. The team that was responsible within Microsoft for the conversion of MS-DOS to Windows was led by Gabe Newell, who a few years later would leave Microsoft to start Valve.

The rights to Doom are still with id Software, which delivered a successor of the same name in 2016. The studio has been owned by Bethesda since 2009. None of the key players in the development of Doom is still working with id Software. Programmer John Carmack works at Oculus on VR glasses. John Romero has his own studio and announces that on December 10, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Doom, he will announce a new game. Artist Adrian Carmack, no family of John, works at Romero’s game company. Game designer Tom Hall works at developer PlayFirst and Jay Wilbur, id Software’s business man, now fulfills that role at competitor Epic Games.

Doom 1993Doom 1993


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