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Doom to its name in many ways. The previous edition horror has disappeared. Instead, you get here the blunt action of the first two parts. And how; Doom is in the campaign wonderfully rough and fast. You’re nice mobile through a useful double jump. However, the Glory Kills that steal the show. Those are good gross, but above all very useful. They make you stay alive between a preponderance of demons. Along with the fine powerups for your nice old weapons have so likely to survive the plethora of increasingly powerful demons. In the campaign, moreover, the game looks stunningly good, provided of course you have the right hardware. In multiplayer, unfortunately, all less. Then you suddenly do not have a good gore monsters against you but boring jumping males and have mostly given enough freedom to pick your weapon of choice appear. Despite the introduction of demons in multiplayer is therefore still a bit dull.

wonderful campaign
Useful Glory Kills
Beautiful smoke and fire effects
Multiplayer bit boring
final Verdict
Tweakers zegt: 8,5
Available from: € 39.90
Tested version: Doom (2016), PC (Windows)
Played by: Windows
Also available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

You would with your game but cause a revolution. It is what the young id Software came in 1993, when it exploded demo of Doom released it and the fledgling Internet. Finally a game that was without playing too much trouble online, though the demo was more often played by another emerging phenomenon; corporate networks. In many schools and businesses were nights and even entire weekends canceled, particularly when the full game came on the market and more levels were available. John Carmack, Tom Hall, John Romero and Tim Willits suddenly became household names; The men were promoted to the uncrowned kings of the gaming industry.

That ‘dream team’ has become little more. Tom Hall had little to do with the demonic theme of Doom and soon left, John Romero had a big ego and tried rather unsuccessfully to start himself and John Carmack spends his programming skills nowadays prefer the Oculus Rift. Only Tim Willits is still in place, though he has to say less than before, because the once independent id Software is part of Bethesda since 2009.

Bethesda engages in

That last step was needed because the independent id Software had become a vacillating company that has long been not a real big hit had scored more. Bethesda took over the studio when some time had been working on a new Doom. The publisher, however, was not happy when a crude version of Doom came face, and then he grabbed hard. The studio was actually understood that he had to begin again; the game that was made was a shooter, but no Doom. According to the Bethesda game that id Software showed was not scary, not funny, not over the top and contained too little blood. That was different. And that was different, because the version id Software has made then – the version now in stores – has all the ingredients well. To a large extent.

id Software shows the weapons and monsters from Doom.

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