Dota 2-bots from OpenAI win team with mainly professionals




A team consisting of five bots who have been trained for the game Dota 2, have taken on a professional team of human opponents. The bots won the best of three by convincingly winning the first two rounds.

Christy Denninson of OpenAI announced that the team with bots, called OpenAI Five, won the first two matches and with that the best of three . The team of human opponents, consisting of former professionals and a Dota 2 commentator, won the third and final round, which was played purely for fun. Prior to this round, the audience chose which heroes were allowed to join the fighters.

The first game was a simple win for OpenAI Five, where the human opponents could not destroy any defense tower. In the second round things went better and a tower was taken, but they did not get much further. The OpenAI Five competitions took place in the context of The International, the annual prestigious Dota 2 tournament.

There were a number of restrictions for the matches of the bots. For example, Dota 2 players can normally choose from more than 100 different heroes, but that number was reduced to 18 for the OpenAI Five games. The makers also explained that the reaction time of the bots is set at 80 to 200ms, which makes it reasonably close to the reaction time of human players. However, according to the makers, this did not lead to changes in the gameplay; According to them, the strength of the bots lies in team work and coordination, instead of the quick reflexes.

OpenAI Five actually consists of five neural networks. The bots have been trained for several months by playing against themselves every day; in an accelerated way that was good for 180 years of playing time every day. With the help of 128,000 regular cpu cores and 256 Nvidia P100 GPUs, the bots were trained, learning through trial and error which actions yielded a maximum virtual reward.

It was already clear that OpenAI Five could throw high eyes. The team has already won several times as a winner in competitions against semiprofessionals. Last year OpenAI had already developed a bot that could play Dota 2 and even beat a world-class player like Dendi, but this was still under pretty restrictive circumstances and in a one-on-one situation


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