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With some regularity, we discuss Tweakers a number of downloadable games in a round-up. The latest round-up again stems from the summer months, so the Christmas period at the door – and the expected increase in leisure days that comes with it for many people – it is time for a new edition. We already reveal that the overall level which is lower than in the previous round-ups. And is, of course, as every time: We can not try long enough to miss anything and downloadable games. If your favorite – and preferably also recently released – downloadable title does not give up, do not hesitate to share that title in the comments.
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

The name Chivalry: Medieval Warfare has been known for some time. After all, the game appeared in 2012 before the PC. The Xbox 360 version was last year’s turn, and for the PlayStation 3, Mac and Linux appeared the game in February 2015. This is the cake, however, not yet. Activision decided by Tom Banner Studios – previously responsible for the Age of Chivalry-mod for Half-Life 2 – developed game also went to bring the most recently published consoles. Thus, the game revolves around knight battles are also playable on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. However, you may wonder whether this decision by Activision is very wise.
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Title Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Score
Platform PlayStation 4, Xbox One
(appeared on several platforms, incl. PC)
Price € 19.99

At a time when many HD remakes appear for the current generation of consoles we’re pretty spoiled. Edited versions of games like Halo and Uncharted indeed were fine for the day. Simply release a game in 2012 without much noticeable difference is in the technique, however, does not exactly a guarantee of success. And it comes with Chivalry: Medieval Warfare wrong then too. The game’s audiovisual obviously quite dated. We also wonder whether more ‘oppoetswerk’ it would have made sense: the base is simply too old to be with the current standards for action games still make something of it. So prepare firmly for old ugly-looking characters and environments.

However, this may be said that if you look through that disappointing graphics layer, the environments again appeal to the imagination. Over twenty multiplayer maps are ready for all the violence that comes along with a maximum of twelve by twelve players. This happens in several game modes, ranging from large, open battles with or without strategic goals to duels where a single player against another loner. In doing so the big fights are generally the most fun. The somewhat unwieldy tactile combat system sometimes creates problems because it is very simple in the chaos of battle to sell a potentially fatal beech accidentally teammates, but that’s partly a matter of paying attention and not like mad around you chop it.

Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare
Chivalry Medieval Warfare

The combat system where all the action is based is deeper than many would initially might think. Players have a variety of attacks at their disposal and can also block. Which they do so depends on the chosen class. Knights instance, have the largest swords, but Vanguard can choose a halberd or another, longer weapon. Archers obviously have a bow or crossbow, and a Man-at-Arms must have smaller handguns and more speed than the other classes. Although the number of four classes is not particularly impressive, limited our gaming fun moment. Moreover, we can not think of very many different types of knights. The classes complement each further add up, so there is no specific class that is more or less used than the rest. Incidentally, you play for each class gradually also new weapons and items, what the duration of the fun extends slightly.

The learning curve of the game change at first chance in the round meppende players naturally skilled in fighting machines who know when to block, grouped attacks and so increasingly jars decide in their favor. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare offers at that time absolute value. The question is how long it lingers. The play weapons and other items freely change their style of play hardly and the jars begin to look alike. Then Chivalry is just too simple to each other to keep players really long fascinated. Of course: it is at a price of twenty euros to accept a lot easier than when the game for the full price had been in the stores, but it is something to be reckoned with.

That relatively low price is in a sense a lifeline for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Compared to modern action game, the game can actually come along on any front. While playing on the Xbox or PS4 One you get the idea that Activision has little or nothing has changed in the game since the end of 2012 he saw the light for the PC. Dan still makes Chivalry: Medieval Warfare for entertainment, but it should be clear that in that fun can be placed a considerable number of comments.

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