Dropbox is struggling with problems




Dropbox is struggling with problems

Since the night of fights provider of online storage, dropbox , with serious problems that show up in the form of non-availability for users. What had happened? Last night was a targeted Distributed Denial of Service attack takes on Dropbox.com. These are, simply put, bombards the server from Dropbox from many computers at one second intervals with requests, resulting in the best case to a non-availability due to overload.


A short time later claimed a hacker group, to have captured data from Dropbox servers, which , according to Dropbox but this is not the case. Also, there is a scheduled maintenance have given internally, but apparently not proceeded as smoothly as planned, because otherwise users would complain over the world do not have a sporadic or no availability of the service. The people at Dropbox claims to work hard to resolve this problem, users can only wait in time or perhaps BitTorrent Sync view, a solution is in not set to an external server.
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