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Durratech SFMS is an intelligent integrated system for the management of petrol stations, in terms of inventory and sales of fuel control, connecting with solutions with the rest of the equipment and e-payment, and for more information the Gateway Technical News communion with Mr. Mustafa as Abu Harikh, the founder of al-Dura company of modern technology, to tell us about his company and the system Durratech SFMS and experience with entrepreneurship.
The story of Dora Tech
As Abu Mustafa al-Dura company Harikh founder of modern techniques
As Abu Mustafa al-Dura company Harikh founder of modern techniques

Durratech SFMS is an intelligent integrated system for the management of gas stations, where meets the needs and requirements of the business of gas stations, in terms of inventory control and sales with the correlation with existing equipment at the station systems, without human intervention. The system works to solve several problems, including the sales are to adjust, as well as linking with selling pumps and prevent thefts and to provide electronic payment solutions.

Mustafa says that all owners of gas stations individuals or businesses, are suffering from the problem of follow-up and monitoring of sales movements that take place inside the station, and follow-up fuel demand from the distributor source mechanism, compared to the quantities received and sold, in addition to the mechanism for the use of electronic cards to pay the price of fuel, which makes management of work stations is complicated and complex, making it difficult to follow up sales and inventory funds on a daily basis and a manual. Which inspired Mustafa that builds and develops the system offers integrated solutions, combining all these things mentioned previously as well as payment via techniques such as (Barcode, RFID, NFC, Magnetic).

Mustafa refuse to work as an employee since his graduation, where he graduated from Oman College, and received a diploma, and the fact that the financial situation of his family was not allowed to enter the university, to the high fees and expenses, the operation began his career while studying at the college, where he began learning the Oracle programming language, etc. that ended a diploma until he had the ability to give some lessons and training courses, went after graduation without having to function, Hassani simple accounting system through the small home office, and then he founded a sole proprietorship, then developed to become a company, where the Durra Modern Technology Founded In 1999, his effort from personal savings.
Durratech SFMS
Durratech SFMS

Unlike most entrepreneurs who have access to them, we do not have Mustafa any institutional partners, and finds it best for him, because it gives him the speed in decision-making and the goodwill to work, but business leaders, advised the existence of a founding partner in case there was need for it, or saw the owner The idea that it must find a complement of skills that lacks.
Competition and market

Mustafa finds competition in the area where he works from distributors and agents of international companies, and characterized them that his regime customizable and modification, unlike ready-made programs based rivals distributed, Vkonh designed he and his team program from scratch, gave preference to meet the requirements and customer requests and customize according to their needs.

Are marketed Durratech SFMS system currently in Jordan, but Mustafa find a relatively small Jordanian market for his product, Vitmah to enter other markets as a market Gulf states as well as the African market, and finds that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and South Africa of the markets in which Sastahedvha in the near future.
He adds that the Jordanian market size compared with the countries of the region in the field of gas stations does not exceed 3%, as the number of stations in Jordan 450 station only, while in Saudi Arabia, for example, there are more than 10 000 plant, and in Libya, there are 7,000 stations, and it is similar in South Africa and Nigeria, so it is looking to expand in those markets.
Durratech SFMS
Durratech SFMS
Challenges and concerns and stimuli

Mustafa tells us frankly that the biggest challenge for him is to unfairly compete, using some of the competitors and even international companies bribes to complete the transaction.
The obsession Vtakhtzl political circumstances surrounding and in most countries in the Middle East, in terms of political instability and conflicts, and fears that this phase will continue for a long time.
The Maihvzh is a good class of small young people, in the Arab region and in Jordan, produce and innovate in different ways, despite all the difficult circumstances, and they have the ability to compete even international companies.
Entrepreneurs Tips

Mustafa prefers the employee who has the enthusiasm and love for the work, even if he has a weakness in the skills or knowledge, it does not care too much, it is during training it can overcome this point. As for the mentors he has no guide but always benefit from his experiences and discussion with the owners of expertise, in addition to the continuous reading.

And advice Mustafa for entrepreneurs is “If you want to be, you must be working like a bee” no “if you want to be something important, you have to be like a bee,” and adds that the Bee Social object, go out every morning and discovered fields and move from flower to another To give a better final results show, as well as the pioneering work he has to be a positive community around it, and looking for ideas and solutions always, to provide the best products.

The success for Mustafa, it is that you have a comfortable psychologically employees and offers the best of his, as well as that the client is satisfied with the product and service, and then will come the profit and success.


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