Economics of insanity




Economics of insanity

The idea of ​​the Joint championship in Russia and Ukraine with a budget of one billion dollars, of course, inspired madness, or rather, that peculiar state of consciousness that occurs in people for a long time was in a state to take liberties with these same billions. In this sense, the phrase head of “Gazprom” Alexey Miller: “It is, of course, the decision by UEFA, but we’ll make it” – a diagnosis.

But crazy ideas often are discussions that the more that is expected to transform the Russian football championship – venture in itself illogical and exists in its present form only because of easy money fueling. This tournament, which stands on the flight “Alania” of impoverished North Ossetia, sponsored by the state company “RusHydro”, spent the winter transfer more than the “Real” and “Barcelona” together, but the stadium for 43 billion rubles for the richest club of the country “Zenith” is based on the money the city budget. Where subsidized regions have to pay serious money for the purchase of third-rate foreign players, and management of these clubs podzarabatyvaet on suspicious transactions and strange games.

Of course, it’s surreal swamp useful to explode. Not the fact that the idea of ​​Miller & Co. in this respect, the best possible, if only because it – the only one.

But telling that to consider it nonetheless brought together representatives of the majority of Russian clubs, both private and budget, both rich and poor. And clearly not under pressure, because the sports authorities of any intervention moved on, as if offering clubs to decide whether they want … a billion dollars.

Of course, immediately raises the question of where to get it? The initiators of the new league answered evasively, saying that up to 120 million will sell the rights to broadcast the rest – sponsorship fees. Who does so much to give?

This is where the fun begins. Russian “low” is very much differentiated by the level of spending, its real owners, governors and heads of republics, is not really very much and want (except for the “Terek”, the representatives of which, incidentally, pointedly ignored the historic gathering at the office of “Gazprom” ). Then there is a club in the region, of course, necessary, but the tournament where you have to compete with Moscow, Petersburg and Dagestani billionaire too expensive. So far more teams would come up the first division of the Joint championship, participation in which will not require significant expenditures and from which such an occasion when an important anniversary of the republic or the gubernatorial elections will be up for another season up. And there generally would not pay, living on money league to the next flight. Recall that for the mere participation in the tournament relies 22.2 million dollars a year, and with minimal success and can reach up to 30.

Clubs are not sitting on the budgetary grants, financially dependent on the owners who control large holdings, both public and private. Among them are those who spend money on football with the light, for example, “Gazprom” and Suleiman Kerimov. But Railways pulls the “Locomotive” more by inertia for VTB “Dinamo” – non-core asset, badly situated on the territory of prospective land in Petrovsky Park, CSKA moves towards self-sustaining project. Finally, Leonid Fedun (“Spartacus”) and Sergei Galitsky (“Krasnodar”) spend their own, but would like the expenditure is gradually declining.

The rich and vibrant most fear, and it has openly admitted Miller, sanctions for violations of the rules of UEFA ‘financial Fair-play “not to violate that they can not. Because you can not earn as much as they pay, which can lead to disqualification in European competition. In this case, the charge of the United League – it really is a way out. Even if the “Gazprom” or structures have Kerimov as sponsorship contributions for the development of the Joint championship pay more than they currently spend on “Zenith” and “Anji”, respectively, such costs will be considered as valid. After all, even unwise to pour hundreds of millions of dollars a team and do not play with in European competition.

For Railways and VTB would be more convenient to pay into the pot, and clubs to withdraw from the balance on any other structure, or even to sell to private traders. The amount of “social obligations” serious changes, but it will be less of a headache: do not engage in non-core football management experience and awkward feeling when your team is hanging out with no chance in the middle of the table.

Owners of “Spartacus” is strong and can take an independent stance: without their club championship combined still does not work, then demand extra money from them no one will. And within reason – why not, especially since the problem of the financial Fair-play and before the “Spartacus” will soon be acute.

Finally, much to the project can attract and state-owned companies that do not have serious now football asset, such as “Rosneft” or “Savings”.

In short, in Russia, where there are 131 official billionaire somehow gather up for a good cause one billion dollars a year is possible. Moreover, a sample list of sponsors certainly exists in the form of a sketch somewhere on the cuffs of Mr. Miller.

Oh yes, we forgot about the Ukrainians, who may not want to destroy their own championship, and the owners of the leading clubs such as “Miner” and “Dynamo” Kiev is not very much and intend jettisoned.

But, as the experience of the Continental Hockey League, you can create a combined championship and the quantitative dominance of Russian clubs. A couple of “Vorskla” and “Goverla” we own crumbs billion but somehow lure.



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