EliteBook Folio G1 Preview – HP’s thinnest and lightest, with 4k screen




The main trend in laptops in recent years is to find the advent of two-in-one devices, and all innovation is similar to field position. Nevertheless, the development of the traditional laptop is not silent. In order to make thinner which models should be pruned in the number of ports. Apple hereby took the lead with his MacBook and HP is now following with the EliteBook Folio G1, a business ultrabook.

HP shall not be proceeding cautiously to reduce the thickness. The EliteBook Folio G1 is the thinnest and lightest laptop that the manufacturer has made so far. At its thickest point measuring 12.5 “laptop 12,4mm and the weight is less than a kilo This thinness is not at the expense of strength,. The aluminum case feels very light, yet sturdy and you can the open laptop with a peace of mind in a corner grip.

HP EliteBook Folio

Also, the hinge of the display is solid. HP has selected a so-called piano hinge, which takes up virtually the entire width of the screen. The laptop must also be firm, as it is aimed at business users. HP claims that the model just like other EliteBook notebooks passes the MIL-STD 810G testing and thereby withstand drops, dust, moisture and other inconveniences.

With his appearance would be the EliteBook Folio G1 for a consumer laptop can continue and the manufacturer also business users want a laptop that looks nice, as they use it more often than a home appliance. Spoken about appearance, alongside the thinness is actually mainly on what has been omitted. At first glance, there are on the HP logo on the cover after no special design elements. Well there is the text EliteBook left under the keyboard and HP has taken the view Bang & Olufsen audio his partner, should indicate the upper right of the screen. The latter had in our opinion may be omitted.

HP EliteBook Folio
HP EliteBook Folio

For the only real decoration we have to turn the laptop; bottom are two grills for speakers with a striking design motif. There are four speakers, which are thus developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. This is HP’s fixed audio partner since Apple’s previous partner, Beats, took over. HP provides standard noise-reduction software and a program it called Clear Sound Amp. Which should improve the sound, especially in view of the use of Skype for Business conference calls. The sound must be extra hard put to make service the laptop as a sort speakerphone do, but we have not tested.

HP EliteBook Folio

Also, the keyboard is optimized for Skype and it is the first time that HP, in partnership with Microsoft, does. Top left of the keyboard, next to the escape key, there are special keys for launching calls, stop and mute, which is useful for conference calls via Skype for Business. Also, there is a key to go directly to the calendar.

Apple has made a concession to get his MacBook so thin, with a keyboard with very little travel. HP does not do this on its EliteBook Folio and just choose a keyboard with sufficient travel, as have the other laptops from the company. Also, backlight present. Business users typically do a lot of typing and who type long texts, know enough to travel keys have been so fine. The trackpad has a sufficiently large surface and fine mouse clicks.

HP EliteBook Folio

One of the distinguishing features of the Folio G1 is the display. HP provides the model with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels, which at the screen diagonal of 12.5 inches a ppi value of no less than 352 and therefore provides extremely sharp image. The IPS screen can display 95 percent of the Adobe RGB color space. Indeed seemed to show the laptop colors fine, but to really make a judgment about the screen quality we have to wait for the test results of any future review. The laptop does have relatively thick screen edges at the top and bottom.

Incidentally, HP also will provide configurations with full-high-definition displays and touchscreen. The manufacturer emphasizes that the screen 180 degrees to fold. The idea is that you can lay the screen flat on a table in order to demonstrate to others as the image, which would be useful for meetings and the like. Indeed, this is one of the applications; we ourselves find it anyhow fine if there is no limit to the turn to the back of the screen.

HP EliteBook Folio
HP EliteBook Folio
HP EliteBook Folio

Apple where only a single USB port c puts on his MacBook, which also serves for the power supply, HP doubles this to two. Those are the only two gates. Two USB ports are still not much, but given the versatility of USB c you must come to an end, and you can use at least one port while charging. HP brings USB c docking stations from which the number of ports can be expanded to include Ethernet, USB 3.0 and HDMI.

HP EliteBook Folio

C The USB ports support both Thunderbolt data transfer at three theoretical 40Gbit / s and the ability to provide two associate professors monitors image. The first generation laptops with USB-c, such as the MacBook and the Google Pixel, does not thunderbolt 3. At CES were however, especially for business users, already announced more laptops with Intel’s connectivity technology, including through Dell.

The laptop is passively cooled and therefore totally silent, which is possible because Intel Core M processors in it. It involves Core M3, M5 and M7 chips of Skylake generation, which feature vPro support, allowing them to provide some security and management. Partly thanks to these processors is the battery life according to HP at 10 hours, which in the year 2016 is not spectacular. There are up to 8GB RAM and SSD storage of up to 512GB. Obviously there is support for Wi-Fi ac and the latest generation Bluetooth 4.2.
Preliminary conclusion

An extremely thin and light, yet sturdy laptop that includes all components of the last generation and also dishes out a razor sharp picture is not only ideal for business users. Probably too many consumers there ears. HP also indicate they are considering to bring out something similar for consumers. Features which nevertheless was comparable MacBook criticism, such as the c-single USB port and the keyboard with little travel, do not play, or at least less in this HP laptop. The manufacturer thus seems to have owned an excellent machine, which for us a very good first impression behind. The starting price is 999 euros, but it is likely to be the full-HD version with a Core M3. Or the M-Core processors provide ample computing power, which is the speed of the SSD is and how long the battery life is actually his points where we will pay particular attention to a forthcoming review.


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