How emerging trends are likely to affect the electronic cigarette market from 2015 to 2019




How emerging trends are likely to affect the electronic cigarette market from 2015 to 2019

When the first electronic cigarette first hit the market, smokers around the world were intrigued to try them out. Some were pleased that e-cigs don’t use tobacco at all and last longer; others had a lot of complains. The first electronic cigarettes available in stores looked incredibly complex. Buyers had to buy all kinds of elements to be able to try vaping to see what the fuss was all about. Fortunately, thanks to advanced technology, today’s e-cigs are incredibly elegant. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes, and the nicotine liquids has aromas to fit the tastes of smokers around the world. We can’t deny that e-cigs are trendy; because they are. Little by little, the industry is complexly changing the way people feed their need for nicotine. Here are some emerging trends that might materialize by 2019.

Electronic cigarettes on the rise

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that electronic cigarette sales are increasing. The market is overpacked with companies manufacturing and selling e-cigs. Sadly, not all are worth trying out. A recent report done by experts in the field, claims that many things will change to the e-cig industry in the next four years. The findings emphasize that vaping will soon become just as popular as conventional smoking.

Back in 2014, nearly 72% of sales generated by e-cigs came from retail stores. Those curious to know more about electronic cigarettes want to get their hands on the product and test it prior to buying it. Today, we have thousands of websites that market e-cigs. Very few are willing to buy online; some do it because they’re cheaper.

New preferences and priorities

Rumor has it that the e-cig market will completely change the tobacco industry. Increasingly more people want to quit, or at least consider a healthier option and keep their bad habit under control. For many, quitting is hard; nearly impossible we might add. But then again, how is it possible for a drug to be so harmful and yet so “loved”? Vaping takes smoking to a whole new level, and a lot of people are willing to try it.

As opposite to conventional smoking, vaping doesn’t trigger coughs. It doesn’t affect the lungs and it protects the health of everyone around those that smoke. Considering these facts, it might be possible for vaping to take over. There are 6,000 vaping shops in the US, and according to official data, the numbers increase by a few hundreds every year. That may be because multi-flavored e-cigs are starting to gain a lot of recognition.

Flavored e-cigs

There are more than 3,000 different flavors for e-cigs in the United States. The blends and flavor combos become more versatile with every year that goes by. This can only mean one thing – that electronic cigarettes are craved for, and to satisfy the increasing demand manufacturers are willing to do whatever it takes to boost their sales. Leaving the marketing aspect aside, flavored e-cigs feature a key benefit that conventional cigarettes don’t – tremendous variety. There aren’t many cigarette brands out there that provide mint flavors with a hint of lemon, for example. Why it’s so important to preserve the diversity? Because e-cigs are still fighting to take down an industry that seemed untouchable for centuries.

Leading e-cig manufacturers are used to spending a fortune on testing new theories. Their core goal is to diminish production costs, while manufacture products that look just like normal cigarettes.

By 2019, we estimate better-looking, highly performing electronic cigarettes with various uk eliquid combos. We also expect to see sleeker products being released, with more appealing designs. It’s still too soon to tell what will happen to the electronic cigarettes industry 4 years for now. One thing’s for sure – they will become a lot more popular, and with a bit of luck, even those that are skeptic might be willing to try them out.

A lot of people today are health-conscious. Those that eat healthy and exercise, but can’t give up smoking are likely to try out vaping. Those that smoke but don’t eat healthy might try vaping too from pure curiosity. Regardless, with e-cigs you won’t feel you can’t catch your breath after a difficult workout routine, or trek on the mountain.









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