Entry-level Haswell processors, and a variety of new products on sale officially in Japan




Entry-level Haswell processors, and a variety of new products on sale officially in Japan
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Including Pentium, i3 and other variety of low-level Haswell officially launched, full range of products from the lowest price of approximately six thousand yen.

Intel officially released in Haswell architecture processor, more in the low-end Core i3, Pentium series will be today, which is sold on September 1 ban. In addition to the debut of the lowest order yet Celeron products, this new generation of processors this rotation also substantially completed, Ivy Bridge processors will gradually fade out the market.

Recently, Japan has taken the first path and publicly display the price of the series, this wave listed in addition to the main Core i3, Pentium, there are also several i5, i7 Ivy Bridge architecture and a small number of products at the same market.

s3201 665×497 入門級 Haswell 處理器來了,多款新品正式在日本開賣

s3202 665×497 入門級 Haswell 處理器來了,多款新品正式在日本開賣

Borden’s first low-cost version of the Haswell processor field cheapest Pentium G series product line, Pentium G is 2Core/2Thread processor cache is 3MB. Currently the products are listed in the day G3430 (3.3GHz), G3420 (3.2GHz), G3220 (3GHz), G3220T (2.6GHz), which G3320T in bulk goods, TDP 35W, rest TDP of 54 W. Currently Pentium G priced from about 6700 yen off, no more than million.

Installed on the market the bulk of Core i3 processor, the first wave of Japanese listed there Core i3-4340 (3.6GHz / Cache 4MB/HD Graphics 4600), i3-4330 (3.5GHz/4MB/HD 4600), i3-4330T (3GHz/4MB/HD 4600), i3-4130 (3.4GHz/3MB/HD 4400), i3-4130T (2.9GHz/3MB/HD 4400) and other five models, including the end of the Model T TDP 35W power board the rest is TDP 54W. Selling price is 14,000 ~ 17,000 yen range falls.

In addition to new products, the currently existing Haswell Core i5, Core i7, also joined the two new products, namely the Core i7-4771 and Core i5-4440/4440s. i7-4771 is currently Haswell i7 uppermost products, more than i7-4770 processor on 0.1GHz, came to 3.5G, TDP 84W; i5-4440 clocked at 3.1GHz, TDP is 84W; i5-4440s is the provincial electric version, TDP 35W. Over several processors are equipped with a HD4600 GPU.

Finally, in this wave of new products, we saw two old era Intel added products, namely Celeron G1630 (2cores/CACHE 2MB/55W/2.8GHz), Core i5-3340 (4 Cores / Cache 6MB/TDP77W / 3.1GHz), these two processors are based on the Ivy Bridige architecture, priced at 5,500, 19,500 yen.

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