ESA does not send commands to more comet lander Philae




The European Space Agency has given the hope of renewed contact with comet lander Philae. It is seven months since it was the last contact. Nevertheless, the ESA reflects on the mission as a success.

Rosetta Since July 9, 2015 nothing has been heard of Philae. The chance that Rosetta again may contact with the comet lander will only grow smaller as the comet moves away from the sun and the solar panels become covered with dust. The battery of Philae therefore can not charge enough to get back in touch with Rosetta.

According to project leader Stephan Ulamec the chance of renewed contact virtually nil . No longer the ESA will send commands to try to awaken Philae. However, Rosetta will remain listening to a possible signal, but it is not expected that this benefit.

The adventure of Philae began in 2004 when the comet lander was launched aboard Rosetta. After traveling for ten years over a distance of seven billion kilometers awoke Rosetta from hibernation to 31 months. During the last part of the trip the onboard computer had to be largely eliminated because the distance from the sun was too large to generate enough energy.

End of 2014 Philae managed to successfully land on 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. thus the ESA made history with the first successful comet landing. For 64 hours made Philae pictures and examined the lander to the comet with its various instruments. However the landing did not go entirely according to plan. Because there is little gravity on the comet and the lander is not properly managed to cling, Philae bounced a few hundred meters from the intended landing site, reducing the sunlight was falling on the panels. Therefore, the battery ran a few days after landing on November 15, 2014 empty.

Only in June 2015 did Philae again do briefly awaken after a long period without power. After this there is no more was heard of Philae. In January Stephan Ulamec already indicated that the chances are very small that the comet lander would again come to life.

Although Philae now probably has entered into an eternal sleep, the mission is not over yet. Rosetta still fly around and will make its grand finale in September experience . It is envisaged that the probe is then itself makes a crash landing on the comet. During the final orbit around the comet, Rosetta which ever closer to the surface, is much information to be recovered according to the ESA.


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