Even though yoga, meditation,born out of the ancient tradition,




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“Those who walk this path and receive Self-knowledge are freed of suffering.”
Lord Krishna says, ‘Those whose Punyas (meritorious deeds) begin to bear fruit are freed of all their sorrow, and they begin to get drawn towards Me. Those whose sins are not cleansed remain stuck in ignorance and delusion’.
This is the difference between Paap (sin) and Punya (merit). This is the definition of the two. Sin is that which does not allow you to come to the spiritual path. See, if you walk towards the light, the darkness (of ignorance) automatically starts to disappear. But sin is that which does not let you move towards the light. And this is what causes misery, pain and suffering.
We have also seen this happen in the courses and workshops. People who are yet to undergo some suffering and misery, they are just not able to come and attend the course. Their karma is such that it stops them from coming and experiencing the course.
They are not able to attend Satsang, and even if they attend it, their mind is racing elsewhere. All this is because of their unfavourable ( paap) karma.
Those who walk this path and receive Self-knowledge are freed of suffering.
~~HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Q: Gurudev, there are many young children who are aware and awake, and know that they are here for some important work. How do we support these gifted children?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

Yes, there are many children who are telling their parents that my real home, my real family is in the ashram. Many children are saying these sort of things around the world; many have become vegetarians, isn’t it? How many of you have seen that? Many children like or love chanting.

Yesterday, I saw on a news channel in India that there was a child born to the royal family of Bhutan. He said, “I have come here after 828 years; I was a teacher and a student in Nalanda University, take me there.” And so they took the child from Bhutan to Bihar in India. The child was all dressed in a robe, looked like a monk; he could recall where he used to sit, what was there and everything around.

There are so many such incidents even in The Art of Living. One child in The Art of Living recently said, “I was a Rishi in the Himalayas, and now I have come.” He is a one and half year-old child; he calls my name so perfectly, “Gurudev”. He takes the rudraksha mala, puts it around and says, “This is the rudraksha mala!”

There are many such children. You will find this occurring more in Russia and Mongolia

What do we get upset with? We don’t get upset with the birds, or the clouds, or with Nature. We don’t get upset with the environment. So, what do we get upset with?
We get upset with the people around us. Our enemies upset us and our friends upset us as well. Our mind gets stuck either in our friends or in our enemies. We either think about our friends or we think about our enemies the entire day.

People become our enemies even when we have not done any wrong to them. Many people have had this experience. We didn’t do any wrong to them; neither did we misbehave and still they became our enemies. This is very surprising!
We think, ‘Oh! Why has he become my enemy? Until yesterday he was my friend.’ In the same way, we do not do any special favours for some people, yet they become our close friends.
That is why I tell you, this is some astonishing and mysterious Karma – how some people become our enemies and some our friends.

So what should we do?
We should place both our friends and enemies in one basket, and just become empty from within and be joyful.
All these happenings (people becoming friends and enemies) are run by some law and we don’t know how and where it comes from. We just can’t say when someone’s feelings towards us will change and whether it will be in our favour or not in our favour. We just can’t say. That is why we should place absolute faith on our Self, on God, and not on friendship and enmity.
We should not waste our time thinking about friends and enemies.
What do you all think?

This does not mean you distance yourself from your friends, or that you stop making new friends. That is not what I am saying. Friendliness should be in our nature; love should be in our very nature. We are love after all!
When someone comes and sits beside us, we do smile at them and exchange a few words. This does not mean you think, ‘Anyways, who is a friend or who is an enemy, there is nothing to share with anyone’, and you walk around with a gloomy face being angry with everyone – this is not a sign of wisdom. This is ignorance and foolishness.
We must interact with everyone around us but at the same time be centred from within. Do you understand?
When we are centred, then we will not feel sad, angry or possessive. Then we will not have disappointment of any kind. Otherwise many times what happens, we become sad – ‘Oh! Look, I made him such a good friend and today he does not even talk to me. I did so many favours for him and he has turned against me!’
By thinking all these thoughts we waste the time we have in the present. We should not do this, Okay!
It is futile to search for a true friend in the world. Befriend the Truth (Divine) and the World is yours.
Even though yoga, meditation, and so on are born out of the ancient tradition, it is a way of life and does not belong to any particular religion per se.


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