evidence for the presence of ice on the moon surface




NASA: there is definitive
NASA reports that it has found definitive evidence for the presence of water ice on the surface of the moon. According to NASA, it is the first time that researchers have directly observed definitive evidence for the presence of water ice.

Moon. Photo: Joris Jansen The frozen water is located on both the north and the south pole of the moon. It is in the coldest and darkest parts of the lunar surface. There is more water ice at the south pole than at the North Pole; here it is mainly in craters in which there is permanent shade and it usually never gets warmer than -157 degrees Celsius. At the North Pole the water ice is more spread.

Researchers at NASA report that if sufficient ice is on the surface, it may be accessible for future expeditions and even offers opportunities for permanent residence. This water ice is probably easier to reach than the water that is present under the lunar surface. The fact that there is water under the surface of the moon, for example, was already established in 2009 when the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite had a projectile placed on the moon, after which it turned out that water was being blown into space.

The Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, however, could not determine where exactly that detected ice was and whether it was on the surface or deeper in the moon. Earlier observations had already been made in which indirect indications were found for the presence of ice on the surface of the south pole, but that could also be caused by other phenomena, such as a strongly reflecting part of the lunar surface.

The current findings come from data from the Moon Mineralogy Mapper, a NASA spectrograph on board the Indian moon probe Chandrayaan-1. Researchers looked again at the data of the instrument and found a clear sign of the water ice in the data. According to the research, 3.5 percent of the cold traps of water ice are on the surface.

The research is published under the title Direct evidence of surface exposed water ice in the
lunar polar regions

NASA ice surface
On the left the south pole of the moon and also the north pole. The water is highlighted in blue.


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