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In Evolve you can experience the beautiful moments you’ve ever seen in an online multiplayer game. The battle is hard, fast and intense, while there is still room for tactics. The balance between the Monster and the Hunters is exemplary and it is amazing how the creators of the four Hunters work together. Still, the game is just so hard to fathom and really only exciting when jet with people playing on the same level. If not, the game is too often just too boring.

Interplay Hunters
Balance Monster vs. Hunters
Exciting battles
Hunt quickly boring
Levels uniform and dark
Friends only
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Price at time of publication: € 34.99
Tested version: Evolve, PC (Windows)
Played on: Windows
Also available for: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

It seems a fixed pattern; traditional terraced sequels appears in the second half of the year, more experimental games in the first half. Think about it; what was the most outstanding game in the first half of 2014? Undoubtedly Titanfall, the mech shooter from Electronic Arts, a game in which experiments with the fixed conventions of online multiplayer. This year is no different. Evolve is since a few days in the shop and basically does the same.

Video Review Evolve

We pick Titanfall arbitrarily. There are the necessary parallels. Both games are set in a somewhat insignificant near future, a slightly anonymous planet. In both games lands a group of human newcomers on the planet, to make strenuous struggle there; a battle of small to large. In both games is around the central multiplayer part woven a thin story that should arouse the suggestion of a real campaign. Moreover, you can in both games have jetpacks. At the same time the differences between the two games are as evident; Titanfall into two equal teams compete against each other, Evolve take four Hunters compete against one monster. Anyone who takes the role of the monster, so four players faced. That’s right the main feature of Evolve; it is an unequal struggle of four to one.

Save settlers

The planet in hot running in Evolve to Shear. You will be redirected to the new world to save as many people as possible. If you walk around the green planet, which seems entirely covered with a rich rain forest, you see that there has long people live, who have built the necessary industrial buildings in the jungle. Apparently that is against the will of the original inhabitants, led by a number of samples of the size King Kong and Godzilla. It also makes clear what is the purpose of the fight on Shear; human Hunters try to save as many settlers from the clutches of the towering Monsters.


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