Ex-executive in Facebook reveals secrets of the caliber!




One of Facebook’s top executives, Chamath Palihapitya, said the social network was destroying the way society works and he felt guilty about his work with Facebook. Chamath, who joined Facebook in 2007 and was vice president of user growth, The platform to work on the “programming” of its users , and said that he no longer uses the site or allows his children access to it.

The talk was part of a Stanford Business School event in November, but it first appeared yesterday through a report on the technical site The Verge, where he said:

“I think we have created tools that tear the social fabric of the way society works,” he said. “We are currently in a very bad situation from my point of view, and the Facebook platform is working to spoil the basic foundations of how people behave among themselves.”
Palihabitia was responsible for increasing the world empire to Facebook before leaving in 2011 to become a technology investor. He is also the latest in a series of early Facebook employees and investors who talked about the evil that the platform caused and to warn the public about its effects on society.

The Facebook social networking platform works to program user behavior without knowing it
In an interview at the Axios event, former president Sean Park said “Facebook is exploiting a loophole in human psychology.” He expressed concerns about what the social network was doing to brainwash children and that it had been developed as an addiction , while Roger McNamy One of the novice investors is using the techniques of Joseph Goebbels, head of Nazi propaganda.

“I feel very guilty, I think we all know that, although we pretend that there are probably no bad consequences and that the bad consequences are really unintended, and I think deep in our minds you know there’s something bad going on,” he said.
“People need to break the constants about some of these tools and the things they depend on. In the short term, the dopamine-driven reaction circuits that we have created destroy the way the community works . There is no civilized talk or collaboration, just disinformation and information. Wrong and bad trust.

Ballahbitta raised an example of how rumors spread across Wattsab in India, killing seven people without trial
“We are working to satisfy our lives and make them revolve around this sense of perfection because we get a short while in exchange for the joy of these signals, the hearts are red and the responses, and we mix it with what is real and valuable, and instead of getting what is real We get in return for a short time on the fragile popularity of fake, which leaves us vacancy and larger emptiness later. ”

The criticism comes as Facebook faces pressure on Russian customers who have used the social network to influence elections in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe. Members of parliament on the UK’s Digital, Cultural and Sports Information Committee have asked the company to disclose any evidence of interference in the exit vote Britain from the European Union last year.

Not only did he talk about Facebook, but he criticized the entire venture capital fund for Silicon Valley. He said investors pump money into useless and stupid companies instead of tackling real problems like climate change and disease, and Palhpittia now runs his own company focused on corporate finance. Sectors such as health care and education.


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