Expectations EMC: Internet hidden criminal tool in 2015 and a security source in 2016




Now is the time of year we look forward to identify technology trends that will have the greatest impact in 2016. I think from my point of view that the analysis of digital information and our methodology we follow in life activities Stsihaman in accelerating the transformation of the world and the nature of the business. And I will cite Here are some ways that can be influential in the next year:
First prediction: Digital business makes its way to the Supreme Administrative offices

Aware of the managers and staff top positions employers are increasingly large amount of digital data produced by the work and that, but they still do not always need to bring in new managers specialists to advance the agenda of digital business in their companies. But this situation will not continue, as will be set digital technology managers and assigning them to apply the latest technology and best, in order to make their products more intelligent and provide a series of services to their customers experience. As you will need the data – a digital accumulations that result from all of these capabilities to Heliopolis analysis and use them to achieve competitive advantages. This phenomenon is not limited to the technology sector, but it is a phenomenon include “all sectors”. Despite the perception of managers and senior staff the importance of it for them, they still cling to the decisions about organizational structures and functions schemes and conflicts: Is digital technology will be director of a follower of the Executive Director or Director of Sales um … .mder information?
Second prediction: win devices that can be worn Olympic gold medals

It will represent sensors that can be worn usher in the New Testament to overcome some of the obstacles to some sports.

Swimmers already depends on the underwater cameras to analyze the swimming movements, but these cameras provide only limited vision. While it is going to be modern sensors designed specifically for the sport just one example of how the 2016 will be a breakthrough year for athletes who use data analysis to do the maximum possible performance for them. Will provide multiple companies such as “Nike” which launches on the data the title of “new sound spokesman athletes” to help the athletes to continue Bmserthm by harnessing data to stimulate creativity, which will be available on the screen at the Olympic Games and behind the scenes as never before. We’ll see sensors installed on the clothing of athletes for their assessment of the different dimensions of hand -mn diet and sleep patterns and running and the corners of the ideal body – so as to enable athletes to become leaders of their performance physical. But “Usain Bolt” says he will not be wearing any of that, and adds: “In order for this to be a significant impact, must be designed to suit the needs of every detail of the joints of the athlete’s body.”
The third prediction: It will not equal the sensor wearable allocated medicine techniques

Despite the publicity that surrounded with health and fitness such as Jawbones Fitbits, except that the sensor wearable wide impact will not occur in the area of personal health over the next year. In order that these devices can achieve personal medical care, you will need specialists in health care for direct access to data from these devices on their patients, to avoid wasting time before the emergence of any satisfactory signs early.

The question that comes to mind now is: Do you collaborate hardware manufacturer and doctors to design the necessary applications to manage this aspect? Is the customer would agree with this type of continuous access to vital data their indicators? From my point of view, it represents the biggest obstacle cultural barrier of technology, be sure that it will not be processed these obstacles and thus personal medical care will not be a reality by 2016.
Fourth prediction: Internet hidden: a criminal tool in 2015, and a security source in 2016

Popular culture have contributed in 2015 to promote the myth of the hidden Internet network (Dark web), a digital network exploited by criminals to sell their wares illegal and harm some people sometimes. It is a digital perspective, these hidden network already since it is not included in the search engines known. But this will change, that does not mean that it can be used for one of us, but it will turn to a tool used to taking positive action.

Is this view is based on intuition only? Let me be clear: Most companies now realize that security breaches is not a question of “if it is or if it was not,” but they already represent a “how to be that.” If we all agreed on this concept, the companies would welcome all the techniques that limit the risks. How so? By searching for the stolen data in places where the data is stored after the theft: a hidden network. Will be available on a software-based tools are able to discover the hidden networks as a means to identify the stolen data, will be deployed in 2016. In the end, the use of these tools would reduce security breaches, and increases the percentage damage in the stolen data. In doing so, companies will be able to take corrective action much more quickly to protect customers more than they can do today, all depending on the hidden network itself.
Expectation V: will bring virtual reality techniques sports stadiums to your own room

You can buy low price of virtual reality glasses group and connect them with your smart phone, but it does so already? The answer may be Not even one. Well, maybe someone else. In fact this is not the focus of talk, what I would say is that the technological innovation that develops virtual reality technologies will accelerate the pace of fact already with a lot of entertainment.

Have you ever imagined going to attend the concert “Rock” and sit in the first seat behind you and scenes without leaving your room? In fact, customers will receive the support of the company Facebook on high-quality virtual reality techniques and will seek all sports federations and recreational work to transform the vast stadiums, which can accommodate 800 thousand spectators to just one seat through the application of digital technology. Will provide sports teams and the competent authorities the first set of experiences quite realistic, and that a holistic view of the pitch from all angles and from inside the main compartment, and the front rows. You can enjoy it as if you land the stadium without leaving your couch.

While we continue to believe that the live broadcast technologies virtual world still require more time what will be presented in 2016, but the first performances will start to bring people’s attention, in addition to many of the incentives, it is also an opportunity to collect $ 4.5 billion to support sports and recreational activities and brands, as well as a means of enabling individuals to avoid paying $ 15 to buy a hotdog sandwich, or pay a hundred dollars to be able to line up cars in the allocated place.
Expectation VI: Modern software devour all the cars we’re used to

Still a few years ago to assure that power is not a new innovation, the most interesting in the automotive sector, but it is software, and specifically the mechanism triggers using the software. German and Japanese carmakers are racing to exceptionally apply to cars what the company “Apple” applied to mobile phones, where I spent some time in the technology “operating experience Automated “car Tesla during the leaderships of her on the highway 101 going to the” Carmel “, I am convinced more than ever that the cars all of which will run on the same approach, and will evolve so rapidly in 2016 not only mean this self-car driving, but the car that connect to a network, “Wi-Fi” Once in the garage, and that can keep up with the latest new features, to become smarter every time you leadership, and can predict your needs before you actually need. This all depends on what you are doing software analysis and data collection. In the next ten years, half of the cars will disappear as we know it and we see today as if the software has been swallowed.


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