experience joy of doing is to bring beauty to actions




Soul Sustenance 05-05-2016

Taking Time Off From Busy Lifestyles (Part 3)

To rise above the monotonous and busy existence explained in the last two days’ messages, we all require a regular dosage of newness to keep our hearts and minds fresh. How can we define newness? It is a change of thoughts, feelings, words, actions, circumstances – when all or some of these deviate from the normal or are new, they give us an experience of joy. On a physical level we go on a holiday or meet our loved ones to achieve the purpose mentioned above. We then get back to our daily routine of thoughts and actions, with more freshness, which makes the routine more interesting.

On a spiritual level, to become silent, to be still in the ocean of hectic, noisy action is a choice many people are now making. When this is achieved, this stillness acts on the mind like oxygen, giving the breath to both understand and enrich life. Of course, action is a necessity, an expression of ourselves through time, relationships and the roles we play. However, if we do not sometimes stop and take a breath of silence, then the mind begins to suffocate, thoughts speed like bullet trains and the brain feels as if it is in a pressure cooker. Emotions erupt like volcanoes, eyes become dizzy with mountains of information and the head feels like a rollercoaster. This is stress. The mind needs to come up for air, to leave the jungle of pressure, deadlines and speed and slow down and find the point of silence within. Also a daily dose of new and different spiritual knowledge at the start of the day does the work of newness and helps us rise above the monotony. Newness in our thoughts then flows into our feelings, beliefs, attitudes, personalities, perceptions, actions, interactions, relationships, etc. bringing newness in all of them and removing the stagnancy of the regular routine. Also feeding spiritual knowledge to the mind benefits silence or meditation immensely, because meditation, which is not just a process of reducing the mind to a nil stage but the creation of positive, constructive thoughts to take the mind to a positive experience of peace and bliss, can then become an interesting, new and creative exercise each time one practices it. Spiritual knowledge is the foundation of good meditation or silence.

Message for the day 05-05-2016

To experience the joy of doing is to bring beauty to actions.

Though to Ponder:What I do is not as important as the experience I have while doing it. I need to work on subtracting any negative experiences while doing actions. Every action is an opportunity to experience some beautiful quality. Without that experience, the action is meaningless and purposeless. So, we might have achieved a lot of things during the day, but will only end up being dissatisfied by the end of the day.

Point to Practice: Today I will do something that I have always enjoyed doing as a child. Things in themselves are not as important as the experience while doing them. So, I will spend some time in doing something I have always enjoyed to do. Also, during what I do during the day, I will have attention to do it with joy.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris


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