experience on DhyanYoga!




experience on DhyanYoga!

1. It started with lot of conflict & duality of mind, even after joining session on Friday my mind was still in conflict, it’s 7 am here in Phoenix when the session starts according to 9 am central time, conflict ….why to get up so early on weekend ? It will happen again I might attend that time… who gets up so early on weekends??? but still I just got up took bath and logged in thinking lets see what happens, even it becomes boring to attend it alone I will do it.
My thirst for this topic was so much and it over took me that day.

2. But the more I was trying to overcome mind the more tantrums it was throwing at me, usually I never feel difficulty in seating for meditation or keeping silent during silence course etc. but this time when Ekta ji told to meditate on day 2 evening and than keep silence for remaining day , I gave up and it was kind of a surprise how drama of mind surfaces in attention, I was not able to seat for 10 minutes also and silence became like a forgotten thing for me, I got up to a friends place for evening dinner thinking it’s not happening for me, enjoyed my evening and surprisingly when I again joined session again on Day 3 I was much at ease and with silent mind I could stand still and meditate.

Unknowingly it worked like a googly for mind as I left it free for a while and let it do what it wanted, and surprisingly Ekta ji told the same thing through standing meditation session on day 3.
(Was relieved with the guilt of not being able to keep silent last night)

3. Few years ago I had a stress fracture in my right leg femur bone and at the time doctor told me it is due to calcium deficiency and the way I put more weight on my right leg …, I was suggested some yoga postures that time but this standing meditation was like a eye opener to me !
All these years I thought it’s just a physical condition and when I closed my eyes to stand still on day 3 I could feel my tendency of leaning towards right side and coming back to center again and again ….now where ever I stand, I try to stand straight, and feel so easy to do it.

4. Cold water showers has brought so much relief to the skin and childhood memories(of getting soaked in rain) to life,for past 4-5 years got in to the tendency of taking bath from hot water (even Arizona heat couldn’t change me) and my husband used to tell me almost daily it’s unhealthy….thankfully I am taking ONLY cold water showers now and absolutely loving the experience!

5. The completion of course & last Meditation session which was held on day 3 evening left me so light and cheerful that there are no words to thank Ekta ji and all the volunteers who make this possible everytime!

It’s only gods grace that this knowledge is available to me and all of us!

My home work to donate or remove unnecessary stuff at home is still due and I will doing that this weekend in between it’s great idea by Mridula ji to keep on sharing experiences once in a while!

Thanks Everyone


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