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Physics | Experiment: broken line air pressure

We rarely stop to think about what matters most: on the air around us, so we needed to breathe. Earth’s atmosphere contains only 21% oxygen. Other nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide and water vapor contents of which are continuously changing. Plus other gases in small quantities. All this forms the chemical diversity of our atmosphere, the air layer thickness of more than a hundred kilometers. As with all material has a mass of air. Earth’s gravitational force causes the air pressure on the planet’s surface. This phenomenon is known under the name of the atmospheric pressure. Pressure is expressed in the appropriate units per unit area. It is more than a kilogram per square centimeter of the surface! By the way, this ratio is taken as the unit of measurement of pressure, one atmosphere. Of course, the atmospheric pressure is not constant and is subject to fluctuations. Usually Earthlings do not even pay attention to it everyday, but today in the interesting experiment every curious person will be able to verify how devastating a mighty force is normal and “unobtrusive” atmospheric pressure.

Embarking on a similar experiment with caution, because the ruler and its fragments will bounce off the table, and the direction of their flight unpredictable. Therefore it is necessary to take all precautions to restrict or reading text.

Empty and clean the table, special goggles, thin wooden ruler thickness of about 3 mm, the newspaper.
Experiment Progress

Wear protective safety glasses. Place a wooden ruler on a table so that somewhere 12.5 centimeters hung over the edge of it. Put on the part of the line that is on the table, a folded piece of newspaper. How do you think would happen if you hit the edge of the palm line, the second line is not holding your hand?

Try to break it blow struck edge of his hand. Most likely, nothing happened. Line just jumped off the table. Now cover the range of one or two sheets of newspaper. Align the paper so that there are no air pockets. A significant portion of the line leave extends beyond the edge table. Do you think that will happen this time, when you apply on line kick edge of his hand? Begin! Just hold the line second hand is not necessary. If you break it, holding his free hand, the focus will not be any.

First strike, likely led to the lineup just fell off the table, bounced, and remained intact. The second shot is likely broke it in two. If the second shot is not brought results, try again, making sure that the paper is perfectly flat.

Why is this happening?

Second blow to break the line you got because you helped atmospheric pressure. When you have distributed over the surface area of ​​the newspaper line, formed a broad “sucker” that does not allow air to “drain” down. When you are dealt a blow on the line side of his hand, she tried to move beyond the newspaper, but because the air can not “drain” down (the space between the table and the newspaper) with great speed, most of the air pushed down the newspaper, and with it and a ruler.

So, you had dvadtsatisantimetrovaya line covered by the newspaper. If it was 2.5 centimeters thick, it occupied an area of ​​50 square centimeters. Do not forget about the hundred-odd kilometers of air pressure and a kilogram per square centimeter. As a result, when you hit, the fragile ticker hit as much as 50 pounds. Line “tried” as in the first time to jump off the table, but was pinned down pyatidesyatikilogrammovoy mass.

In mountainous regions cover the air is thinner. From more than a hundred should take the height of the mountain where is location. But the air column is a giant even without those few percent, which he reduced the height of the mountain. This pressure is enough to press the line to the table. In fact there are a lot of fun experiments that demonstrate the incredible power of the earth’s atmosphere. This is just one of them. But the explanation of one thing: incredibly heavy air cover and in some cases it may show strength in unexpected ways. And it comes as a surprise, delight and a host of other emotions everyone who had a chance to take a fresh look at the majestic power of nature.

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