Experts reveal the “obstacles” to close the terrorist sites on the Internet




Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi extended an invitation to the United Nations demanded the world take the decision to shut down websites and social networking accounts, which calls for any extremist or terrorist ideas.

The call came Sisi on the sidelines of the march, which was launched, on Sunday, in the French capital Paris to denounce terrorism, which is the official march in which about fifty heads of state and government attended.

IT experts confirmed that the closure of promoter sites of terrorist ideas and Almttafrh process is not impossible but it is difficult and complicated because of several factors, including the use of some advanced technologies.

And the difficulty of implementing some of the sites close to the operations, said Dr. Hisham al-Mahdi, head of the Information Technology Department, Faculty of Computers and Information, Cairo University, the degree of difficulty up to be impossible in many times because of some twisted roads used by those sites.

He said al-Mahdi, in his statement to the gate of the Arab Technology News, that most of these sites use technology to make access to the source or the servers hosting its almost impossible process, which increases the difficulty closed.

For his part, Dr. Fuad Nasser, President of the Arab Organization for Internet freedom, that terrorist sites follow the process as possible to a large extent, it is not possible to close it 100%, due to the diversity of methods that can be used to circumvent the closure decisions.

He said Fuad, in a statement to the gate Arab Technology News, that’s easy in support of these terrorist websites for destinations to create a new Web sites and used in the dissemination of ideas, which creates more like chasing non-final with these parties stand, and up the difficulty of closing process to the peak.

Blocking as an alternative?
The refusal of the Arab Organization for Internet freedom to use the blocking process as an alternative to the process of full closure of the sites promoter of terrorism and extremism, which he considered a solution is not feasible due to continued access to those sites, breaking through cloaking techniques.

And the possibility of trace attempts to break the block, Nasser Fouad confirmed the existence of technologies that allow users to track the status of their use of technology to break blocking access to banned sites, but the tracking operations that increases the material and technical load on executing the block authorities.

The process of using a VPN VPN from more break blocking all common techniques banned sites, but they do not relieve users from legal liability when access to unlawful content.

The security researcher, Mohamed Ramadan, that the vast majority of providers use a VPN networks and other technologies like subject of international law, which prohibits the use of such networks to commit crimes in the mail all forms of terrorism services, and that many of these service providers are cooperating with the authorities when requested data on employees in conflict with the laws.

He Ramadan, in a statement to the gate Arab Technology News, that there is a precedent facts to catch organizations used VPN networks in matters of violation of the laws, including the network of pirates fell thanks to data provided from one of the sponsors virtual private networks that they used in their operations service.

And what should be taken to actually close the supporting sites of terrorist ideas and radical on the Internet, Nasser Fouad called for taking an international position of peoples and nations, making it easier for the authorities to proceed with the implementation of the closure of those sites operations, while Mohamed Ramadan called for the need and the quality of security teams pursuing those sites using devices and systems specializing in surveillance and analysis and tracking.

It is noteworthy that Internet hackers, the Anonymous group, who had declared war against sites and accounts owned social networks of people and described them as “terrorists”, in order to penetrate and disrupt work, and that a retaliatory response to the armed attack against the French magazine “Charlie Hebdo” Charlie Hebdo.


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