Facebook .. 10-year journey of “Campus” into a global empire




Facebook .. 10-year journey of “Campus” into a global empire

Celebrated “Facebook” today, Tuesday, over the last ten years on the launch site, where came the first copies social network on the fourth of February, 2004, by a student of Harvard at the time, “Mark Zuckerberg,” and with the help of his two companions in University accommodation Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, along with Eduardo Savrin.

It describes “Zuckerberg” Journey “Facebook” that they do not believe, as he said on the sidelines of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the social network “is amazing to see how Navs use Facebook to build a real community to help each other in many ways.”

The founder of “Facebook” and the chief executive “in the next decade, we have a responsibility to continue to ensure that everyone continues, and the preservation of community service as best we can.”
Dream fellow university housing turns to the world’s largest network

The “Facebook” has come to light for the first time in the form of a social network for communication between the students of the University, “Harvard”, under the title TheFacbook.com, then opened its doors in a few months in front of other students of American universities such as Stanford, Yale and Columbia.

He announced the social networking site dedicated to students and groups arriving for the first million users by the first anniversary of the inception, specifically in December 2004, and by October of 2005 began “Facebook” in the availability of registration for all students in the world.
The first form of the site “Facebook dot com” when launched in 2004

The first form of the site “Facebook dot com” when launched in 2004

The availability of registration for all students in sync with the success of “Facebook”, in control of the web address Face-book.com, owned then to one of the persons who buy it when they brighten name Thefacebook.com among college students, after a dispute with the World Organization for Human Rights ended financial settlement estimated at two hundred thousand dollars.

And allowed the control of “Facebook” on the title of Face-book.com for Zuckerberg and his associates to obtain the title later on Facebook.com, which has become the primary address of the web site for the social network, which has seen in the April 2006 launch of the first version of the mobile phones from the site.

In 2006, also launched a social networking site to form the first page “news feeds” News Feed, which has been accompanying the site so far, and in September of the same year, the social network announced the availability of registration for all users.

With the advent of the month of May of 2007 kicked off platform “Facebook” that allows programmers to create applications and services that can be used on the social network, and able to access the basic data of its users.

Did not pass only a few months where he announced networking site for the development of about seven thousand application using the platform “Facebook”, in November 2007, reaching the number of applications developed to 100 daily application.

The year 2007 witnessed the launch of the service as well as the first of the ads on the social network, while in February 2008 introduced the “Facebook” the first application for the translation of the content of the site, and in April of the same year was the launch of a private conversation between the Chat users.

With the celebration of “Facebook” fifth birthday in February 2009, the social networking site which is one of the most prominent icons button admiration Like, who later became a hallmark of the social network.

In July of 2010, announced the social networking site and the arrival of the number of users to 500 million users, a number that has doubled in nearly two years; In September of 2011, was launched property timeframe “Time Line”, a property that changed a lot of the form page personal users Social Network.
Property Time Line

Property Time Line

In April of 2012, it was announced networking site social largest acquisition to him at all, and that while the acquisition of the application share photos “Anstagram” compared to one billion U.S. dollars, an acquisition that was a few months before the Declaration of the site in October of the same year for unsurpassable barrier billion active users to turn to the biggest social network online.

The year 2012 also put “Facebook” for its IPO, in the transformation of the social network to raise the market value, and in spite of the turmoil faced by the shares after the network put on the stock exchange.

In 2013 began “Facebook” Altericz on site users of mobile phones and smart devices, as announced in July of the same year for the number of users via mobile barrier of 100 million monthly active users, a number which has doubled within a few months.
Paper application of the latest Facebook products for smartphones

Paper application of the latest Facebook products for smartphones

The “Facebook” has been declared by the end of 2013 and the arrival of the number of users to 1.23 billion monthly active users, of whom 945 million users via mobile devices.

It uses the social networking site about 757 million active users per day, with an annual increase estimated at 22%, while the total number of active users per day via mobile devices about 556 million users by the end of December last year, an annual increase of 49%.

The company “Facebook” has announced a few days ago to achieve revenues of $ 7.87 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, and in the fourth quarter extending from the beginning of October until the end of December reaped revenue of $ 2.59 billion dollars.
The success of the trip was not without its obstacles

Although the trip’s success, “Facebook” seem at first glance without obstacles, but the networking site faced significant hurdles, most notably lawsuit, filed against “Zuckerberg” from the company “Connect U,” which was founded by some of his comrades, which accused the coder U.S. stealing their ideas about the site and the use of source code their own in its programming, which is believed to be the case that was settled confidentially in 2008 compared to 65 million U.S. dollars.

Another obstacle faced by the social networking site are claims for breach of privacy, which increased after detecting Edward Snowden program Prism, which allows the National Security Agency U.S. sites use of the Internet, including “Facebook” to the control of its users through direct access to the information stored in its servers.

Word “Zuckerberg” personally to allegations Snowden where he confirmed that “Facebook has not and will not tolerate any U.S. government or any other government direct access to its servers,” he stressed vigorously fight any attempts to violate the privacy of users.

Not Prism alone the problem of “Facebook” as they face the network filed a lawsuit accusing the read messages personal users across the network to be used in advertising purposes in violation of the privacy of its users, also criticized the site to request applications for the powers of force big on smart devices, such as access to read the messages on the phone “Android “It is justified by the authority officials Baanaajha site to read the code to activate the phone number to link the user account profile.
Site faces multiple social criticism on privacy

Site faces multiple social criticism on privacy

Other problems faced by the “Facebook” is the problem of fake accounts, where the company announced the U.S. about the existence of 67 million fictitious account at least its network of social, which he describes Analysts problem, where the affected accounts phantom heavily on advertising revenue and investor confidence in the network.

The value of the advertising revenue achieved by “Facebook” during the last quarter of last year to $ 2.34 billion, an increase of 76% compared to the same quarter the year before, and represented the advertising revenue via mobile devices 53% during the last three months of 2013.

One of the challenges imposed by the recent studies on the network is a challenge, “not to extinction,” a modernization which was confirmed by university study pointed to the possibility of the loss of “Facebook” for about 80% of users between 2015 and 2017, the study, which was criticized by officials in the social network, although other studies indicate Ankhad interesting class youth and adolescents to the network for the benefit of other networks and instant messaging applications via smart devices such as “Twitter” and “Snape Chat.”
10 years FaceBook

Apart from the challenges faced by the network, and to celebrate 10 years on “Facebook,” the social networking site launched a page under the name of Look Back, on his official website, facebook.com / lookback, a page that will allow users to back years back to follow up the most shots in the past they spent social network.
Look Back page on the social networking site

Look Back page on the social networking site

The social network has revealed some of the figures on the sidelines of the celebration of its tenth anniversary, such as the users of the site at about 201.6 billion others connect to friends using the “Facebook” since 2004, and that the average daily number of Likes in the social network has reached 6 billion impressive.

The number of messages that have been sent over the network since the launch of the personal messaging feature in 2012 to 7.8 trillion a message, and the number of images involved over the network reached more than 400 billion since the launch of a photo image sharing service in 2005.

The “Facebook” is one of the largest sites that are used outside the United States and Canada, with an estimated ratio of active users of the network from outside the United States and Canada by about 81% of the total social network users, and the network played a prominent role in promoting communication processes in important events specific to certain countries Arabic such as Egypt and Tunisia during the so-called Arab Spring revolutions.
Time frame shows the most prominent changes in Facebook since its launch

Time frame shows the most prominent changes in Facebook since its launch
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