Facebook Messenger and BBM slurping empty battery fastest smartphones’




BBM, Facebook Messenger and Viber are some of the apps on smartphones batteries the most empty slurping. That says a network company Alctatel-Lucent on the basis of an analysis of network traffic on mobile networks around the world.

WhatsApp, Twitter and normal app from Facebook have much less impact on the battery life of smartphones, claiming Alcatel-Lucent in a Wednesday published report . The company bases its own figures on how many apps do to signaling and thus establish a network connection to the mast of a mobile network to check if there are notifications. Alcatel-Lucent has this information because it supplies the equipment and manages many providers include North America and Europe.

Signalling is a major factor in the depletion of batteries for smartphones, allowing those apps at the network level have the most impact on battery life, says the network administrator. Other factors that affect duration of the battery are not taken into consideration, such as the use of GPS, for example, in Applications and the current required for the use of the display by the application.

BlackBerry Messenger scores the highest on the list of battery-hungry apps, followed by Yahoo Messenger, Facebook Messenger and Viber. WhatsApp and Skype finish a bit lower on the list. Alcatel-Lucent also claims that Google Maps a bigger drain on the battery life than Apple Maps; service Apple uses more data, but Google has fourteen signaling events required per MB of data, Apple only nine. Anyhow Android does much more signaling than iOS, so Android phones faster will be empty, so often claims the network company.

In any case, Facebook has taken the report seriously, says Alcatel-Lucent. Following the findings of an earlier version of this report are fitted Facebook app, after which the total signaling traffic on mobile networks fell by around 5 percent.

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April 30, 2014 16:34
Apart Alcatel Lucent all that information simply can not and must retrieve it?
Furthermore, it is no surprise, especially with Facebook Messenger is my phone still two hours along …
@ RGAT • April 30, 2014 16:37
This you can still get yourself measure seems?
@ RGAT • April 30, 2014 16:39
I use Facebook Messenger, but my phone is still more than a day with it. Seems version, OS, and hardware-specific.

[Comment edited by johnkeates on April 30, 2014 17:13]
@ Johnkeates • April 30, 2014 17:52
I also think this is a weird test. Because you can never use apps on different platforms on one lumped? Who says Facebook Messenger on iPhone more battery than slurps on Windows Phone for example? Both apps are created using a different development platform and both OSes again differently with notifications etc.
Will it be me …
@ LCP • April 30, 2014 18:00

BBM, Facebook Messenger and Viber are some of the apps on smartphones batteries the most empty slurping.

This argument is nonsense, as can demonstrate that these apps most slurping. These data in no way
Moreover, game apps do not come here for, although that can also sip nice.
Separately used (verbruikt. ..) Facebook Messenger is an enormous amount of battery life, with BatteryBot on Android using Facebook Messenger soon 60% of all jab, even if I use the phone a day late and are therefore not doing something …
@ RGAT • April 30, 2014 18:40
This, indeed, with the title:

BBM, Facebook Messenger and Viber are some of the apps on smartphones batteries the most empty slurping.

Let Tweakers.net themselves or for the trolley company Alcatel-Lucent tension!

Alcatel-Lucent builds supplies the equipment in the telephone poles, and no doubt that their brackish or older equipment has difficulties with high signaling. But the significant impact on your battery life seems unlikely.

You can download the tweakers ask who notes that the battery life significantly changed after the installation and use or just after removing instance the facebook app. Then few will notice the difference.
If you look at how much energy in total within your android caller goes to the maintenance of a GSM connection, this is often <5% of the total. And only there for a very small portion of your loss of signaling. Swapping GSM mast, and the maintenance of the GSM connection costs significantly more energy in the overall use of keeping maintenance of the GSM connection.

If you already notice a difference in the removal, this will not come through or not signaling (total effect on your battery use will almost always be less than 1%), but mainly by services running or not in the background (and yes that can be activated by signaling, but usually only when a message arrives)

[Comment edited by 3×3 on April 30, 2014 18:49]
@ 3×3 • April 30, 2014 19:05
Exactly, just have to read what exactly chattiness score means … long live the Telegraph title. You may still correct BBM not to join … your posts 8) 7

Salient detail, nothing suggests that Alcatel-Lucent are BBM app to optimize, while other apps do get the hint.
@ LCP • April 30, 2014 18:30
Alcatel fact indicates that it is platform-dependent with the example of the custom Facebook app:

In mid-November 2012, Facebook introduced a new version of its mobile app. Overnight, service providers worldwide discovered a 5-0% OVERALL signaling increasement. It was Determined That the Android version of the app (and not the iOS version) contributed all of the increasement. A new Android version was released in March 2013, restoring signaling to pre-November 2012 levels.

This research is for individual consumers therefore not particularly interesting, because it is an average of a large real-world data collection (15 million users in North America, Asia and the Middle East). Besides the OS has, according to Alcatel, the specific network you’re on impact on energy consumption and of course the quality of your signal as well.
You better trust your own battery app, but most will not ten different chat apps installed to that comparable. Before this research is then a great indicator 🙂
April 30, 2014 16:34
Another reason to avoid that app.
I just wonder where all that energy is going ….
@ Jasper11 • April 30, 2014 16:37

[…] About how many apps do to signaling and thus establish a network connection to the mast of a mobile network to check if there are notifications.

Pollen data from the server so.

[Comment edited by the_shadow on April 30, 2014 16:39]
@ Jasper11 • April 30, 2014 17:15
Setting up a network is a relatively expensive and energy consuming task. There are all sorts of processes start and control signals.

Another tip to save power by activating your phone only when necessary and not every 2min to see what time it is. In this case the device will also start many processes and trying to make. Wifi connections
@ LarBor • April 30, 2014 17:28
Another tip; ‘m not watching every half hour what percentage of your battery. This always ensures that the most energy-consuming component screen is started.
LarBor @ Bartosss • April 30, 2014 18:04
@ Bartosss • April 30, 2014 19:17
If you can display on a smart watch that you might actually save energy by using (if we assume that the latest version Bluetooth does not need much power). A smart watch on your phone
April 30, 2014 16:34
Windows Live Messenger????
@ Mario g • April 30, 2014 16:40
This service is migrated to Skype since April 2013 but the WLM is, I can still be used on some devices, and in some countries (China, I think). But you would indeed expect that the service would be if he no longer exists. Sparingly
@ Tedades • April 30, 2014 17:09
Also working on a PC by the way, I still have a 4 year old MSN with those ‘messenger plus “mods hehe, and it still works.
@ Tedades • April 30, 2014 17:10

you would indeed expect that the service would be if he no longer exists. sparingly

Not if it’s only going to provide users of the app, then slurps the app is still a lot of power per user.
@ BartSintenie • April 30, 2014 18:24
or that the app is looking for constant contact with the servers and can not get it and therefore remains pinging …

anyways OT:
useful, I’m Toche ens a few apps that I practically never use but are close … on the phone
@ Tedades • April 30, 2014 17:17
As someone who have always used, I never understood why people used bbm, whatsapp or other jokes as WLM works on any device since the Stone Age and (especially then) was very energy efficient.
@ Tedades • April 30, 2014 17:36

The appearance or Hotmail ® and Windows Live Messenger in the top 39 apps list might seem unlikely given thatthese apps are now discontinued and have been superseded by Outlook.com and Skype, respectively. However, subscribers continued to use thesis apps and app developers continued to indulge them. The traffic generated by the new apps increase increasing slowly, but the original apps still dominate.

Apparently the apps still exist and are still widely used. WLM is in the background may be the same service like Skype, but Alcatel purely looked at the apps.
@ Mario g • April 30, 2014 17:40
Windows Live Messenger

Is (was) still standard in any Windows Phone 7, and 8 built.

Plus, in China it is still used I understood.

Finally, through whom the Outlook.com browser page are logging also log into Messenger.
Mr Ton
April 30, 2014 16:35
To what extent this is also relevant for iOS? Since Apple’s servers provide the push notifications right? In this case, applications do not need to see if there are new notifications are? In the background

Or does it work differently?
@ Mr. Ton • April 30, 2014 16:37
Here I am also very curious. Does anyone have anything useful to say about that?
Dirty Rockers
@ Eokken • April 30, 2014 16:57
This is a nice explanation of what happened on ios.
written by an old apple-genius

Facebook app on the iPhone can also be some of it.
and the culprit is in it’s changing the background.
@ Mr. Ton • April 30, 2014 17:06
And I’m also curious about Windows Phone, which also has a system similar to iOS, which runs through all notificationservers Microsoft.
April 30, 2014 16:35
This I also noticed on my 2.5 year old iPhone 4S. Facebook notifications turned off (both app and messenger) and background app refresh for these apps. Since then, nearly half a day longer without drip!
cyber stalker
April 30, 2014 16:36
As far as I know both Android and iOS offer the opportunity to receive your app through a centralized manner. Push notifications

Of this example uses the GMail application. So it does not carry out polling, but only gets the updates inside if there is a notification of change.

Since this notification system is already running, I can hardly imagine that these applications use so much energy, unless they are just incredibly poorly put together.
@ Cyber ​​stalker • April 30, 2014 16:54
That is not entirely true, it depends on the developer how he wants to receive notifications.

Facebook continues to meet the requirements for an application call, which is allowed on iOS to almost continuous run in the background. What this has on battery impact may speak for themselves. Furthermore, it is also (as far as I know) not possible to actually call Facebook. This is regularly criticized the app and is already several times been the reason for Apple app (or update thereof) not to allow the App Store. Further cost anyway checking notifications or battery, because still it will be. Every time the processor underway

edit: the above is written with iOS and Apple as a starting point, I have no idea how Android / Google handle it exactly

[Comment edited by DaantjeeuhMe on April 30, 2014 16:56]
April 30, 2014 16:36
Pity Hangouts is not included in the test, because I’m curious about. Less battery usage is of course a good reason to get on board people.
@ Jvnknvlgl • April 30, 2014 16:45
I missed Hangouts already in the list. Not that I use it. But if you do a comparison with known Messengers, please also Google’s Hangouts with it. : +
Soulless Portal @ SuperflipNL • April 30, 2014 16:51
April 30, 2014 16:38
Facebook Messenger that I think still that bad though : O At least in the practice.
Are you (like me) in tig Whatsapp groups consisting of 10 + people then you are indeed sjaak when it comes to battery .. That geapp together … : 9
@ Mrjraider • April 30, 2014 17:22
Then it depends on whether you are going to empty battery through your screen much like, or by polling. 😉
April 30, 2014 16:39
BB is back at number one. They do it yet again somewhere good 🙂 , Just strange that BBM would use. Much more energy Henceforth, but with iTunes to send messages on your Android phone so : P .

[Comment edited by ChicaneBT on April 30, 2014 16:40]
@ ChicaneBT • April 30, 2014 17:12
That BB is number 1 is far from good?
@ OlivierH • April 30, 2014 17:19
The fact is that sarcasm does not work well on the internet. : P If you read you will see that he realizes that’s not good because t much eats. 😉
@ ChicaneBT • April 30, 2014 17:55
iTunes is bad weather in many other areas. iTunes road is the biggest party if you’re not a apple user more.

And hey, Snapchat/6snap used so little that it does not on the list? I know a lot more snap chatters as instagrammers.
April 30, 2014 16:39
They talk about the impact of apps on smartphones … what does Windows Live Messenger in the entire row then?

[Comment edited by blade1989 on April 30, 2014 16:41]
@ Blade1989 • April 30, 2014 16:55
As far as I know, Live Messenger in China still online.
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The International DotA 2 tournament starts on May 12 2014

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