Facebook robots can invent a new language




Facebook has recently discovered through a group of researchers working in its FAIR industrial intelligence research laboratory that it was unexpected that the script chat robots created their own language and spontaneously developed it as scientists tried to improve the capabilities of these robots, Dialogue agents “Dialog Agents to discuss and negotiate more closely to humans.

Facebook works to improve artificial intelligence (AI), and has been able to achieve some very important achievements in this process. The company is working to teach robot discussion robots to replace them with negotiations and human discussions. Highly successful.

The researchers allowed the written chat robots called “dialogue agents” to speak freely using automated learning algorithms in an attempt to enhance their conversational skills. Over time, these robots began to deviate from written rules and began to communicate in a completely new language, where robots were able to create a new language Without the use of humanitarian inputs.

In terms of linguistic meaning, this language is closer to gossip or incomprehensible words, but it is interesting to note that once artificial intelligence was given an opportunity, the technology began to deviate from the planned scenario and created something new even if it seemed empty at the moment .

The researchers tried to improve the possibilities of chatting robots in talking to humans, but robots took a step further and created their own language and conversations. The researchers also found that these robots were incredibly capable of bargaining.

Having acquired negotiation skills, robots have relied on automated learning and advanced strategies to try to improve the outcome of these negotiations. Over time, they have become very skilled and have begun to pretend to be interested in one item or one element in order to sacrifice at a later stage of negotiations The solution is acceptable.

This discovery can provide an insight into how machines continue independently of people in the future, leaving the bots alone to develop their conversational skills. Scientists have found that artificial intelligence software has begun to deviate from normal speech and instead used a new language created without No input from human supervisors.

The new language was more efficient to communicate between robots, but it was not useful in achieving the task assigned, and the programmers had to change the way the machines to learn language in order to complete training for negotiation.


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