FaceRig – accurate capture facial expressions using a normal webcam




FaceRig – accurate capture facial expressions using a normal webcam

Capturing human facial expressions and its transfer to the virtual character is a very serious problem among experts in special effects and video game developers. It seems that the application output FaceRig life greatly facilitate novice directors and developers.

Ways of transferring the human facial expressions on 3D-characters movies and games, there are several. The first and most time-consuming way – is to remove the person in the video, and then manually move the modal almost his every emotion and movement of individual muscles on the virtual character. As a result, are able to obtain an acceptable result, and nonsense, very far from reality . This method was used in a variety of old three games, and now the results of this technique look on the screen, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

Кадр из студии, где записывались сцены для игры Beyond: Two Souls

The second method, which is now being actively used in many movie and game studios, is to adhere to the actor’s face special tiny balls, markers, painted in bright colors. During the execution of a given scene, the actor was filmed at different angles multiple cameras. Motion of the balls is monitored at each time and recorded in the computer’s memory. Later, these records are converted to special applications and put on the 3D-face virtual character, who immediately begins to repeat mimicry actor, who played his role. Use this method, for example, employees of French studio Quantic Dreams, who gave us the game Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. In the last game of the sensors had pasted Hollywood actors Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe, as much as possible to accurately portray their characters during gameplay.

There is a kind of a second method of motion capture, which uses directed by James Cameron. On the actor put on a helmet, which is attached to the camera aimed at his face. Instead of balls on face special colored dots are applied, and the camera, thanks to the short distance and high precision motion capture, facial expression conveys much more realistic. But this method is also the most expensive in the industry, and not every game developer or an aspiring filmmaker can afford it.

Кадр со съёмок “Аватара” и финальное изображение из фильма

Much more accessible to many seems to gaining momentum tendency to capture an actors facial expressions by means available to anyone wanting. Some have already adapted for this case sensor Kinect, which is an accessory for the Xbox 360 game console. And some are trying to achieve similar results using a conventional web camera, which certainly is in every modern home.
This is the goal set for themselves the software developers from Romania. Currently they are working tested build applications FaceRig, able to transfer human emotions and facial expressions on a virtual character using a normal webcam. While the application works only with the characters that were created by the developers, but in the very near future, they promised to introduce support import of 3D-models of various editors.

Such technology is uniquely likely to appeal to thousands of indie developers from around the world, as it is the most inexpensive and very high quality way to capture the movements, with which you can spice up your characters on the screen. App creators see the application of their offspring not only in the world of video games. With FaceRig users wishing to remain anonymous can revive their three-dimensional avatars in social networks, services like Skype and so on.

Currently developers FaceRig collected 120,000 dollars for the final stage of developing their applications. You too can participate and support them to their pocketbooks. For just $ 5 you will get early access to the beta version of the application, which will be full after the final release.
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