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Q: Gurudev, I always face a loss in business. People around me tell me that by doing more of Sadhana and Seva, I will get profits and progress in my business. I do not understand how Sadhana and Seva can help in bringing progress in my business. Please explain.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:

The five factors important for any task are: Kartaa (Doer), Karma (right action), Upakarana (instrument or approach), and so on. I urge you to find out the other means by yourself. I will not tell them all myself. The last factor required is Daiva (Divine grace or blessing) which we also call as luck or good fortune. Sadhana and Satsang helps increase one’s good fortune, and also burns away one’s Karma


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There is nothing to gain by thinking about the past over and over again. Let it go!

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