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The first operating system for RIM duplesnogo pager. Image source: RIM

Now BlackBerry are going to sell , but in the recent past, this was the flagship of the mobile platform. Today we begin the story of those glorious days in the history of the Canadian company when its smartphones were a symbol of respectability.

Uncluttered interface

The first, represented by RIM operating system platform was a pager rather than a smartphone. But even then, it has provided access to a number of functions: e-mail, keeping the agenda, calendar, and limited access to the HTML. It happened in the twentieth century.
2000: The future begins

BlackBerry OS в 2000 году

By 2000, the operating system is moved to the PDA. Image Source: Wikipedia

The second version of the BlackBerry OS has made a huge step forward. The operating system is relocated to the duplex pager on PDA (PDA). And increased capabilities of the platform. The operating system offers the user an e-mail, web browsing, schedule, calendar, notes, and even games.
2002: operating system for smartphones

BlackBerry OS 3

BlackBerry 3.x laid the foundation of the interface, which is known today, users of devices BlackBerry. Image source: Productreview.com.au

BlackBerry 3.x was the first operating system RIM, designed to control the phone. It possessed features similar to those of the version of the operating system for PDAs. First support was added to Java.
2004: The color screen and an improved web navigation

BlackBerry_OS 4.1

BlackBerry OS 4.1 with enhanced Web navigation and image galleries. Image source: RIM

In 2004 appeared the first BlackBerry device with a color screen running vibrant operating system BlackBerry 4.x.

BlackBerry OS 4 operating system is considered the first “modern style”. It appeared an advanced HTML, application Gallery (Gallery) to view the photos, and advanced two-way chat reference.

BlackBerry OS 4 was the most long supported operating system. She remained “in service” until 2008. For all time were released versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.3, 4.5, 4.6 and 4.7.

BlackBerry OS 4.7

BlackBerry OS 4.7, the latest in a family of 4.x. Its design is closer to the modern concept of smartphones. Source: RIM

BlackBerry is becoming mainstream

BlackBerry OS 5

The device is running BlackBerry OS 5.x. Image source: RIM

BlackBerry OS 5 release coincided with the period of the most widespread devices BlackBerry. His popularity in part due to improved they mobile Internet. In addition, the beautiful design of devices has attracted the attention of young people.

The fifth version of the operating system possessed significantly enhanced e-mail application, a file manager, wireless synchronization of contacts, integration of Gmail and maps BlackBerry Maps. This list of new features of the operating system is not exhausted.

BlackBerry OS 5 was the first operating system RIM, supporting devices with touch screens. It was a trend of the era in 2008 with the touchscreen phones start to his triumphant ascent.

More recently, did not even believe in what devoid of many important function of iOS ever be able to compete with BlackBerry. But the situation of the market for mobile operating systems is changing rapidly. Announcement of the next iPhone invariably causes a wave of applause. As for the BlackBerry, then its glory in the past and may in the future. But now in the hands of mobile Android and iOS, which continues the story .

To be continued …

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