facts | How does manual phone charger?




facts | How does manual phone charger?

Mobile phones allow you to always stay connected. But only in that case when the battery has a charge of energy. And what about the man whose phone has leaked, such as backpacking? The nearest electrical outlet away and call you. And modern man is so accustomed to mobile services that not even imagine what you can do without it. It is hard to even believe that even three decades ago, a phone that you can carry everywhere, was very rare. In this case, come to the aid of a hand-held battery chargers. You just turn the handle, and it generates energy and nourishes it with your phone. Many will be surprised when they find out that these little one-“charging” are in close relationship with wind power plants.

When mobile phones only began to enter v povsednevnyj obihod, they sometimes held the charge for weeks. The fact of the matter is that little said then, and the phones do not have consumed too much energy. Modern devices are real computers and must be recharged fairly often. Batteries, of course, are improved, but much slowerthan required by modern devices.

Sometimes the battery may be discharged at the worst possible time. A person can simply forget to charge the phone and discover that he has leaked only in a transport tube.

But there is a small device that will allow the battery to recharge a little sevšuû always phone. The user will need to make only a little muscular effort.
The mechanism and principle of operation manual charger

Ручное зарядное устройство для телефона

To understand the manual charger should recall its larger peers, wind turbines. The wind rotates screw, which in turn rotates a turbine. If you simplify the description of the physical process, it will suffice to say that the rotor blades are blown away kinetic energy, which can also be called the energy movement.

The blade is forced to rotate around its axis screw rod to which they are attached. Rotation of the rod produces Rotary energy that is transmitted to the generator. In case of wind turbines, the generator is rotating around magnet set, vitogo cable. Rotating cable around the magnets and create an electrical current that can be used to power the machinery.

There are many types of hand of chargers for mobile phones, but they are like a wind turbines, only very much smaller. The main element is the handle, which rotates. This lever is playing the same role that the wind turbine and propeller.

Man twists the handle and thus reports the rotation of the rod. This rod is the kinetic energy generated by the human hand. This energy is transmitted to the generator battery charger, which produce electric current with a voltage of 4 to 6 volts, the battery can be recharged slightly sevšuû mobile phone. Use it to put it simple: broke the handle and rotate it.
Application of manual charger

Ручное зарядное устройство для телефона

If your phone needs charging, simply connect the charger to the manual of your phone. Now rotate the handle of the device. In most instructions to such chargers are two rotation speed per second. Depending on the model, a few minutes of vigorous knob will provide you 25-30 minutes. Or approximately 6 minutes. Because signal transmission uses more power than the phone stays in standby mode.

Listen to music , but to make an emergency call can be seen. If you have a Bluetooth headset, you can simultaneously speak and twist the knob on the battery charger. In such a simple way you can phone a steady flow of energy.

Each phone’s charger connector. But many manual Chargers come complete with a set of adapters that make it compatible with most phones. So when you buy handmade “charging” should pay attention to the attached adapter for your model.

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