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In summary
Far Cry Primal is not a bad game, but has very little gameplay elements that are completely out of the game. Too many elements in the gameplay are more often come by in other games from the stable of Ubisoft, and that’s a big damper on the fun. Then there is the taming of wild animals like, mainly because predators can then be used to hunt other animals and fights. Far Cry Primal also boasts some beautiful environments, and the game scores with its original setting. However, that is not enough to make us forget that we already eight years back some gameplay elements in other Ubisoft games. Thereby Far Cry Primal do not rise above mediocrity.

original setting
beautiful environments
Tame Predators and they hunt
So. Lots. Repeat.
Hardly a story
pretty easy
Graphic barely better than previous version
final Verdict
Tweakers zegt: 6,5
Price for publication: € 59.99
Available from: € 52.99
Tested version: Far Cry Primal, PlayStation 4
It is an innocent but significant mention: the icon associated with an Outpost is displayed, and the game congratulates us with the fact that we have won just one Outpost. ‘Outpost 2 of 15 captured, “announces Far Cry Primal. Although you can also do lots of other things and conquering villages is far from the main, we have actually already lost interest in. Somehow we wonder if Ubisoft games are merely big directories which we need to collect all sorts of things, whether it’s radio towers, Outposts, Synchronization Posts or other matters. We wrote it before: Ubisoft must be careful that it is not often the same gameplay elements passes through the recycling machine. That Sword of Damocles, as this seems clearly come down on Far Cry Primal.

Tested on: PlayStation 4
Also available for: Xbox One, PC (March 1)

In his setting is Far Cry Primal original. The game takes 10,000 years to find Christ. That also means that this is the first Far Cry game in which firearms are irrelevant. Instead, the clubs, spears, bows and other primitive weapons and objects which beat the clock. The well-known animals today have partly replaced by legendary creatures such as saber-toothed tigers and mammoths, though tigers, leopards and other recognizable animals also exist. These animals walk with you around the fictional game world Oros, where you as one of the last survivors of the Wenja strain to ensure that your people once again have a future.

That future work with you to build a village and fill it with more and more people. With increasing population of your tribe, you can still buy new upgrades for your village again. Those upgrades are linked to certain important characters. So gives you early in the game a shaman to your village, and later, for example, as a hunter and a warrior in. By building a cabin for them, open up new possibilities for quests and new options in crafting and in the skill-tree, where a subsequent pages deeper is gone in. Supported by your tribe, run as fight against various other tribes, each with a fortress. You guessed it: you have to take that fortress to get such a strain on the knees, and indeed, it is their structure resembles the structure of Far Cry 4.

What further also immediately noticeable is that Far Cry Primal outside that context provides very little story. On some missions it hangs a tale, but there is no overarching story. As leader of the Wenja strain you have to build your tribe, and in that context plays the whole game away. This means that Far Cry Primal is even less narrative-driven than its predecessors – that also have not excelled in this aspect – which in turn means that there is more pressure on the shoulders of the gameplay. Indeed, there is not really a plot that you can discover.


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