Fasting and cleansing of the body – a sign of commitment to the health or psychosis?




Yuri Balabanov story about why raw food philosophy is harmful to themselves raw foodists and the people around them , has become the most discussed in the history Layfhakera. Comments confirmed train: from the raw food diet zvereyut, not only raw foodists, but normal people. Then Yuri Zaretsky district to continue to write about their eating habits, but the reader’s question about the therapeutic fasting and cleansing the body forced him to return to the topic of healthy eating.After one of the articles I announced that happy to eat the meat, the supporters of a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition poured onto the pages of this blog so much hatred, intolerance and hatred that I sworn never to continue to write about his gastronomic tastes.

Some dilapidated guys with gray faces, indicates a lack of collagen and muscle atrophy, sang in the comments ode raw cabbage and carrots and hysterical lady sent me a “personal” photos, which they embraced with their pets. Photos were filled with calls: “Stop eating our smaller brothers!”. You’d think that people who eat meat, leaving the yard, immediately pounce on walking there dogs and cats, and devour them, crunching bones thin and warm dripping blood.

Deciding not to take part in the intellectual slaughter, I continued to travel to different countries, to get acquainted with exotic cuisines and just enjoy life.

I continue to be bypassed in silence the topic of healthy eating as well as to attract people is not healthy if it also did not attract young people and not quite undecided on this issue.

Good evening, Yuri! My name is Anton. I’m 25 years old. I want to just say thank you! At one time you really motivate me to get back on the path of health. A further question. Recently I became interested in the topic of cleansing the body. Many advise fasting, 3 days per month. But on this subject a lot of conflicting information. As a result, it is not clear whether this practice? It would be interesting to know your opinion.
These letters to me in a personal blog and comes very much. And I thought, if I do not talk about their experiences – how not to hurt yourself diet and healthy eating – that Anton (and everyone who strives for perfection), in the end, will get to the sites of the most uncles with radishes in the teeth and with tetenek kittens in an embrace. And then begin fasting restrictions, unhealthy appearance and flabby muscles. That’s why today I’m back again to this topic.

Dear Anton! Reason welter and utter uselessness of many systems of a healthy diet is the fact that under the magnifying glass taken the healing process, starvation and all kinds of restrictions, and does not consider the man himself – his way of life, a way to move, to think, to eat. No one asks the question: what we were ill (or sick), which have physical disabilities (non-standard weight, height), as far as we are emotional and prone to stress, what is our inheritance.

But only on the basis of individual characteristics of each of us, we can argue about cleansing and, especially, of starvation. You can not indiscriminately claim that sweet harmful, since many people just sweet foods save from stress. And it is impossible without exception to agitate for a raw food diet, because there are people who are vital to animal protein.

But there are some rules that are common to all. These rules for almost twenty years are the rules of my life, allowing me, in my 54 years old, to be healthy – physically and spiritually.

Rule 1. Eat so that there is no suggestion at all about cleansing or fasting

Think about it, the term “cleansing” was originally intended the opposite effect – pollution. But fasting is an attempt to balance the other extreme – overeating.

That you never had any thoughts about the need to cleanse the body of clogged give a few tips from my own experience:

Never sit at the table “for the company.”
Never absorb food just because “it is a pity to throw away.”
Never help yourself only in order not to offend someone who treats you.
Do not forget about the “little bite” during the day. Forced to hunger in the evening be sure to turn gluttony.
Do not eat for the future, “in reserve”. Fear of being left without food laid in our genetic memory. But in contrast, fear can set the argument in order to be saved from starvation, enough pieces of bread. Slice of bread you can always bring along – if there is no bag, then in his pocket.
Rule 2. If you decide to change your lifestyle, do it gradually

Very cleansing your body do just as harmful as for non-drinking man drinking a bottle of vodka in one gulp.

We forget that consuming for a long time certain “poisons”, our body adapts to them. And abrupt discontinuation of their arrival may cause malfunction. So spontaneous diets, starvation and forced a radical cleansing – a game with his health and, perhaps, and with life.

I do not want to scare anyone, but in my eyes there was a rather unpleasant story. It was in the seventies. Then became fashionable craze. Everyone is convinced that if within a month to eat a carrot, will rapidly cleansing the body of toxins and cure of diseases.

We then lived in Moscow. Our neighbor on the floor decided to heal her husband, a heavy smoker. Hiding all his cigarette, she deprived him of an order of meat, put on a diet. Grated carrots with sunflower oil.

– A month later you recover from all diseases – she promised.

… On the 29th day the patient died before they just days before the promised recovery.

And it does not make up a story. All the while were at a loss, which could affect the way a man who, despite the addiction to nicotine, was quite strong. And the thing is that an excess of beta-carotene contained in carrots, has had devastating effects on the liver and pancreas. Beta-carotene can cause narrowing of blood vessels (which smokers already not in the best condition), summing person to stroke.

So try to do without spectacular, but very dangerous intentions, such as “From tomorrow, I do not eat meat (do not smoke, do not drink).”

RULE 3. Be reasonable in their approach to their lifestyle and eating habits

We must never forget that the man – it is not live, “furnace”, which we throw as necessary materials to ensure our livelihoods. In addition to the utility of the internal structure of products, a crucial role is played by their taste, appearance and even the situation in which you eat. If this were not so, we would have long fed intravenously or injected a biological solution using a catheter.

Fresh, even rich in vitamins and minerals, food can not only lead to depression, but also to kill. We need to feel and taste the salt on your lips, and the sweetness and bitterness and, of course, burning from hot sauces. Without this palette sensations our brain and whole body quickly fade.

Rule 4. Do not make enemies in the form of food

The power supply system in which you step back from certain foods, being convinced that these products are harmful, creates in our minds so-called effect of “the enemy.” Slowly and gradually creeps you worry. Initially, you suffer a fear that you may accidentally take a something harmful to health. Then you start to worry because other people are poisoning your body with junk food. After – because junk food is everywhere around you. It sold on every corner in the stalls, shops, eateries. Consequence of this worldview – sluggish psychosis with a weakened immune system. It is this psychosis affects all “raw foodists”, calling his neighbors “come to their senses and stop to eat trupyatinu.”

In the forests surrounding the place where I live now, a lot of mushrooms. This summer, our family went on a mushroom hunt. In the evening, invited neighbors and staged in the courtyard of the feast with roast potatoes and porcini mushrooms. Fun until midnight. And suddenly snapped fun: one of the guests, a young man named Ralph, fell on the grass writhing in agony.

I ran over and asked what was wrong. It turned out that in a conversation with my wife, he asked, in which the supermarket we bought such wonderful mushrooms. She said she did not buy them, and gathered in the forest.

– How in the woods? !! – Ralph jumped. – Ibid dogs running, and indeed, wild mushrooms are not checked !!! Mushrooms do not lift off the ground, where they rot !!! They must be kept in stores in refrigeration!

It was after these words unfortunate and fell to the ground, curled up in agony.

Arrived in our yard ambulance did not find any patient poisoning. But figuring out how to attack started, doctors made a special poisoned stab potent neutralizing effect of the mushroom poison, what immediately made aware of the dying.

The attack took place immediately, and Ralph even declared that he was ready to continue the fun. Of course, the mushroom zharёhu had to be carried out of sight, but the holiday lasted until the morning. White mushrooms whole family ate the next day. But Ralph never learned that powerful shot, saved his life, was no more than an ordinary completely neutral saline.

Better be happy to overturn a glass of wine than with mortal terror vylakat glass of distilled water.

Rule 5: Do not attempt to deliberately interfere in the internal processes of the organism

Another danger lies in wait for people seeking undue attention to your diet – the desire to facilitate the work of his stomach generated unyielding confidence in the fact that he (stomach) hard to cope with their responsibilities.

Try it for half a year to get up on his feet, spending all day in bed. The result will be a complete degradation of musculoskeletal system and the general loss of interest in life.

Any restrictions to which you doom yourself of their own volition, based on their primitive knowledge harms your body, as well as the people who surround you.

Our bodies are designed to fight and overcome stress, to feel the need for a common process of life. Exclusion of any organ of this process is not just desirable, but fatal.


Eat easily with joy, without fear of being poisoned, with the belief that your body will cope with any food. Get food from the aesthetic taste and pleasure. Never eat “for the pope” and “for my mother.” Do not be afraid to die of hunger. In modern society, it does not work, even if you really want. Anyway, for those who now stands before the monitor screen, and who read these lines.

As for the diet, it should be remembered that the Greek language this concept is translated as “a reasonable way of life.” Any restrictions to which you doom yourself of their own volition, based on their primitive knowledge harms your body, as well as the people who surround you. Verdict on dietary restrictions may make a doctor and a doctor on the basis of the study of your health, your habits, as well as the work of your internal organs.

Test yourself

In conclusion, this little psycho-gastronomic review, I invite you to honestly answer a few questions by putting a tick in front of those that you answered “yes”:

Whether you are thinking of more than three hours a day on how to eat right?
Do you plan your menu for a few days in advance?
Is the composition of the food for you more important than its taste?
Is it true that as your food is more healthy in general your life becomes poorer?
Is it true that in recent years you have become more demanding in relation to yourself?
Is it true that your self-esteem increases when you eat right?
Abandoned you from any favorite foods because you do not consider them useful for your health?
Is it true that your diet does not allow you to eat in restaurants, as well as interfere with your communication with friends and family?
Do you feel a sense of guilt if you break your diet?
If you eat right, there you have a sense of calm and a sense that you are in complete control of your life?
Do you feel a sense of superiority towards people who eat properly?
If the eleven questions above five ticked, you have much to ponder. For your attitude to the right and nutritious food grown into a neurosis. The disease is called Orthorexia nervosa.

Orthorexia nervosa treated very simply. Rewind to the beginning of this article and read it again.


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