Fatal 10 grams Departure from Paris on the iPhone has turned into a fake e-mail




Paris police found the lost iPhone. He was sent to the owner in St. Petersburg. And by the way, he turned into a dummy wrapped skanvordov unravel.


Brought from Paris instead of iPhone
Edition KP share stories of loss “apple” smartphone. Peterburzhenka a winter vacation vacationing in Paris and almost did not believe in miracles. But in the mail it back to the harsh reality. Her iPhone, found the French police and deported to their homeland on the way home turned into a flooded wax dummy. And now a word for the St. Petersburg detectives. They had a chance to prove that they are not worse than the gendarmes phones.

Homeward Bound

See Paris. And capture. Most Christina Klimov, dropped a cell phone at the Eiffel Tower, frustrating that there were pictures.

“Most likely, dropped it when looking for a taxi,” – she recalls.

Missing phone, though fashion brand, is not new – the fourth generation. Was reported missing to the gendarmerie peterburzhenka did not write. Phone unexpectedly found himself. When she had returned home, the French police caught up with her Parisian friends.

“Passers-by have brought to the police phone. SIM-card you framed – told law enforcement officers. – Come, take away. ”

French friend Christina that once helped her with the purchase of SIM-card from a mobile police took. Said St. Petersburg address his friend. IPhone and send by mail, not stingy on the service of express delivery EMS.


Between Pulkovo and Kupcino parcel with the iPhone lost 10 grams
Trace the parcel, knowing receipt code, for several years is not difficult. Two days after sending in the Paris suburb of cargo left France. Less than a day he spent on it to get to Pulkovo. Almost daily parcel held at customs. And as much wandering through the post offices of St. Petersburg, where she lost 10 grams. Bottom line: five days after sending a courier handed Christina cardboard box. Of tampering on it was not. Christina acknowledge receipt.

“To me rather watch”

Deploying the package, joy vanished. Instead of the iPhone in the box body lay on the other phone, filled with wax and wrapped inside skanvordov in Russian.

“In Russia, I did not use them, but that is not possible – is perplexed, who needed her phone, Christina Klimov. – IPhone is tied to the French SIM-card. Bought it four years ago in Paris to use the internet. ”

The new owner is unlikely to know that will not be able to use the iPhone in Russia. And that’s about the punishment that awaits him, guessed. In Crossword puzzle in which he casually wrapped dummy phone, solve word of five letters of the poem:

“In the morning I do not see the throne,

To me rather guards

And where is my crown?

Perhaps, this is … “.

Statement to the police Christina wrote. As well as her friend to the gendarmerie. Suddenly it’s the French postmen, after procuring Russian crossword puzzles to unravel, were not clean at hand.

Two years for the opened package

Press secretary of the St. Petersburg office of the Federal postal service Dmitry Makarenko:

Find someone who replaced the contents of the parcel, not be easy. Each stage of the flow recorded in documents with a list, names and surnames of employees. And there were already precedents when people receive real time. One and a half to two years for theft of parcels worth even one or two thousand rubles. In this story, I was worrying change in the weight of the parcel. Are different, but the courier had to act to prevent the addressee. In addition to the police, I would advise the girl will turn into the center of EMS, so that they too had a service check.

EMS – an international service. In Russia, his partner is “Russian Post”. The average salary of the operator from 8 to 15 thousand rubles a month, that is the price of iPhone 4.

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