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Today we complete iteration # 81 off. With this sprint we focused on the processing of feedback on the Question and Answer project.
Question and answer

In recent iterations we put the focus on the drop of a basic version of Question and Answer. Now we have received the initial user feedback, we have gone further and we are in this sprint focused on the further expansion of this new Tweakers component.

Until now you could only ask new questions using the form regular topic in the forum. From this release, you can click on the ‘Discussions and Questions “in the subject area directly ask a question, if you him do not see at all the questions.

Topic Form discussions and questions tab

To make the list more clearly on the same tab we issue a series of improvements made to the available filters. For example you can now filter by Questions or Discussions so easy to see all questions about a topic or to get them right away. We have also ensured that the topic start and the best possible response to a question topic in their original format are displayed, so you can admire in all their glory, including images and other finery. The ability to start the topic and the best response to the pull-out discussions and questions tab was in the previous iteration introduced only when we stripped the formatting tags from the post, so the view was not optimal. Furthermore, we have the feedback on this new feature taken to heart by the prefix [Question] to remove the titles of question topics.

Topic Type filter and folded topic starts in dicussions & Questions tab
Thumbs up

It’s been a while possible for other users to give a token of appreciation with a thumbs-up. This functionality is obviously not only fun for the user who gets a lot of ‘up-Thumbs “, it also gives other users a clear picture of the relevant posts. Therefore, we now provide a yield of up-Thumbs rewarded post more karma than regular mail. The bonus is dependent on the number of data Thumbs and the relationship between the two is in the form of a Gompertz-curve. That is to say that the increase of the Karma is lowest at the beginning and end of the curve. This is to ensure that some up-Thumbs not have much influence on the karma, but that there is a sharp increase between five and twenty Thumbs, if it is confirmed that the post is appreciated by a small or even large number of users.

Karma vs. number raised thumbs

In the last update we reported that we had started to figure out what all is involved in an upgrade to PHP 7 The answer is:. A lot. After we had set up a virtual machine with working test environment immediately noticed already that we use mongo driver is no longer available for PHP 7. Since the new driver had changed significantly, we were delighted when we discovered that someone has a ‘adapter’ had developed, so that we can continue to use our existing code. It also appears that PHP handles 7 just something different with serialized data than older PHP versions, making communication with our Java backend not always going well.

In short, there are still plenty of points to address and we have therefore no concrete date we can change or display benchmarks. As soon as you can, we will additionally have to wait until (after a while) Ubuntu LTS 16:04, so we left our web servers can easily upgrade to PHP 7.
symfony 3

Except to PHP 7 we look at an upgrade we use Symfony. We are now running version 2.8, but 3.0 has been a while and we naturally want to remember. That is a hefty task, because much has changed in the APIs. The main change here is the sharp change in the Form system. We must therefore all change our Forms before they work in version 3. Fortunately, most of those changes quite small, but with more than a hundred Forms tap it anyway to good.

In addition to making changes to our PHP project, we have also addressed our biggest Java project. This is just like our PHP code, a few months ago converted to Git. Although we at that time by our PHP code are immediately combined with the implementation of Composer and Satis to manage external dependencies (such as Symfony), that was not the case with Java code.

In Java, we had simply stand in the repository all jar files from external dependencies. That worked, but was obviously not practical. We have now adjusted to handle all dependencies by Gradle . Thus we have not only solved the dependencies, we also have the build process moved towards it. That happened even before that with Ant, Gradle but it could combine with practical tracking dependencies. Moreover Gradle is easy to use on Windows, so also our build process can optionally be carried out thereon.

One of the few things we had to add itself was a way to deploy simultaneously to several, but not all, Tomcat servers. As we already did with Ant and just say one of the things that could Gradle is not, we have gratefully made use of the support Gradle to execute Ant tasks.


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