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fetchr are logistical services company, uses technology to the shipment and delivery, even with titles chaos in the region, or even without a title, and to find out how is this matter, the gate Arab Technology news in communion with Idris al-Rifai, the founder of the company fetchr, to tell us about his company and its services and journey with entrepreneurship.
Story fetchr
Idris Alrhaa founder fetchr
Idris al-Rifai founder fetchr

fetchr are logistical services company, uses technology to the shipment and delivery, even without a title, and through the use of smart devices, where the user can determine where he wants shipping it accurately on the map, without Communications troublesome to deduce the title, and without that the customer loses the opportunity receipt of the shipment if it does not exist in the home or office for the receipt, and provide fetchr transparent way to communicate between the client and the driver, so the person’s address is the phone number, says Idris Through this they have given a new way to receive cargo without a title.
Joey Ajlouni partner institution’s fetchr
Joey Ajlouni partner institution’s fetchr

Idris fetchr company began in 2012, has set the development of his eyes that change the way we send and receive their shipments, especially in countries where reliable and effective addressing system there is, and through the presentation of his project for the financing round again in Silicon Valley in Kalefonia, he met with Joey Ajlouni, a leading Palestinian acts of living in Kalefonia, and where that Joey was her experience in e-commerce, has suffered from extremely difficult when shipping to the Middle East, and most of the cargo belonged to her, because of the lack of an effective address system in the developing markets, especially in the Middle East. Could Idris and Joey gather their thoughts about the logistics process, and the problem of the “last mile” when connecting that constitute a big challenge for e-commerce companies, and knew both that their expertise combined will enable them to help e-commerce in the Middle East and the markets of developing countries, and decided to Joey to join the company fetchr, and embrace with Idris solution to the problem in the region.

Idris aspires to make all shipments are made through technology, and wants to become a fetchr the easiest and fastest way to ship anything anywhere, he wants to become a shipping easy, such as shopping, and that becomes a matter of shipping is not only a matter of a couple finger, that is Idris wants to put New standard for charging and connectivity.
A group of team fetchr with Idris and Joey
A group of team fetchr with Idris and Joey

And Bsana Idris about the presence of co-founder and its role, says the entrepreneurial journey is a lonely journey, and will be the sole and under high work pressure, there was a founding partner Vanma ease about you a lot, and will make the company is heading in the right direction, Idris and adds that you should be looking for a partner Founder does not share your same vision, but has the same motivation and passion, also says that compatibility and harmony necessary thing, the fact that your partner holds a strategic position in the company.

Idris was able to collect an initial funding of US $ 1.4 million in 2012. Then in 2015, was able to obtain financing to $ 11 million from well-known Silicon Valley risk capital company. This was an important achievement for Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, as well as Dubai.
Competition and market

Idris said that the shipping companies in the region, are working hard to reach the same level and quality standards in the Western world since the middle of last century, so Idris is not only trying to be up to these same standards, but is trying to jump surpassing the standards of shipping companies, through technology This world is now changing. And using technology and smart phones will be no need for traditional titles, but will be smart phones by applying fetchr is the guide to reach the customer. This will enable e-commerce growth in the region, which did not reach the level is possible, because of logistical obstacles and clutter titles.

Fetchr currently focusing on the United Arab Emirates, and plans to expand in the Arab Gulf states, where they will start racing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the coming weeks, and in the coming months will cover fetchr rest of the Arab Gulf states, and then the rest of the Middle East countries.

Idris is believed that there is a future for fetchr and services in the rest of the developing markets, such as Africa and South-East Asia and Latin America, and will travel to where he finds a need for his services.

As for the size of the market, Idris says that e-commerce volume equivalent to only 6% of the volume of retail trade sales (about 436 billion US dollars), and with the growth of electronic commerce in the region will be shipping services to a very important role.
Concerns and stimuli

Bsana Idris and misgivings about what concerns him, he says he personally wants to create the best possible environment for the people who work with him, and makes sure that those who work with him fits the culture of the company and helps the company may apply to the best stages.

The Maihvzh says that he came from a modest environment, and Maahdv to do is to build a successful global enterprise with his own hands, and shows his commitment to his family and to investors who Ol confidence. The goal was to reward them hundreds of times Macamwa to do for him.
Entrepreneurs Tips

Idris said that the guidance is something important when you start your company, Fbnaik company emerging is a process of removing the risk of your activities, such as hiring the right person (operational risk), or search for funding (financial risk), or give guidance or advice regarding the decision-making ( risk strategy), Valmrushd very help of a third dimension, it may be passed by all these experiences and risks. Idris and wish to act as a leader now, and help new start-up companies and new entrepreneurs, as for workshops entrepreneurs and their events, he is very keen to be present and to communicate with Other entrepreneurs.

Idris advice for entrepreneurs is the “safe what you are doing, there will be bad days, and will believe that you will never take off your project, but you’ll always hurtling forward and make things happen.”

Idris The definition of success is “the son of thing proud of, something to consider when it becomes age 60 years and says I have had impact in this world.”

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