Fiction | Can you recreate dinosaurs from fossilized eggs?




Fiction | Can you recreate dinosaurs from fossilized eggs?

When, in 2010 in China, paleontologists have discovered laying eggs Jurassic dinosaurs, Steven Spielberg once defended the rights of his notorious film. But paleontologists are happy to use less spectacular eggs: the possibility to find out how to create such a large growing out of such small eggs.

According to paleontologist Jack Horner at the TED conference in 2011, about the issue of resuscitation, we know very little. After studying the microscopic structures of several bones, Horner found that some dinosaurs, but rather their developing skeleton similar to some descendants of birds. And just like the cassowary not grow distinctive crest to the late period of life, some dinosaurs remained “youthful” characteristics at the time of “age”. But paleontologists have made mistakes, trying to analyze the bones five alleged key features of the Cretaceous period belonged to the young versions of well-known dinosaurs. Looks like figuring out how dinosaurs bred , was much more simple.

After that, the question arose about the need for more information. In 2010 was discovered breeding colony lyufengozavrov. It was about as much as 200 long-necked dinosaur bones, along with fragments of bones and eggshells – about 20 embryos at different stages of development. According to various estimates, the age of discovery was 190-197 million years old. These are the oldest dinosaur embryos ever found.

The finds were enough to keep excited paleontologists and dinofilov couple of weeks, but there was something over and above that. In the “notes in the margin,” the scientists wrote that the bones found “organic debris, probably as a direct product of the decay of complex proteins.” From this was born the question: can we resurrect dinosaurs?

Now the question is no longer in shock, but the answer is still “no.” Despite the amazing leap forward in the field of genetics and genomics, practical problems with obtaining and cloning dinosaur DNA reduce the possibility of creating a “Jurassic Park” to zero, even if society allowed, and the church agreed to the ultimate test.
Dinosaur eggs

Макет яйца

In the 1994 film “Dumb and Dumber” Mary Swanson tells Lloyd that their chances of being together around a “one in a million,” to which he says, “so, you are saying that there is a chance.” Paleontologists are feeling is probably the same as Mary, when responding to questions about the resuscitation of the dinosaurs. In addition, they are surprised to find that almost every one of inquirers watched “Jurassic Park” and did not understand the consequences of hazards.

Whether the discovery of dinosaur eggs to pave a new path reptiles on this planet? No. Dinosaur eggs to lay tens and hundreds of millions of years, their shelf life has dried up a long time ago, they also turned to stone – it’s not material to the incubator. Embryos – does a pile of bones. Will not help.

As for the organic material, can I extract the DNA of a dinosaur? Not really. Paleontologists are constantly arguing about the suitability of organic matter, but the DNA was not removed (and probably never will).

Take the example of a tyrannosaur (which Rex). In 2005, scientists using the learned weak acid and weak remains supple fabrics, including bone cells, red blood cells and blood vessels. However, subsequent studies showed that the find was an ordinary accident. People seriously overreacted. Additional analysis using radiocarbon and scanning electron microscopy showed that the material for the study was not dinosaur tissue and bacterial biofilm – colonies of bacteria linked polysaccharides, proteins and DNA. These two things look very similar, but have more to do with the plaque, rather than the cells of dinosaurs.

In any case, the findings were very interesting. Perhaps the most interesting thing we have not yet found. Scientists have perfected their techniques, and when getting to the jack lyufengozavrov, podsobralis. Captures? Absolutely. Organic? Yes. DNA? No.

But what if this is possible?
All is not lost


Over the past ten years, advances in the field of stem cells, resuscitation and recovery of ancient DNA genome closer the notion of “dying on the contrary” is closer to reality. But how close is and what it could mean for the most ancient animals, is not clear.

Using frozen cells in 2003, scientists successfully cloned a Pyrenean ibex known as bucardo, but he died after a minute. For many years, Australian researchers have been trying to revive the southern species of frogs, giving birth mouth, the latter of whom died a few decades ago, but the idea has not yet been successful.

That’s it, stumbling and cursing at each step, the scientists give us hope for a more ambitious resuscitation: mammoths, wandering pigeons and Yukon horses, extinct for 70 thousand years ago. This age may confuse you at first, but just imagine: it is one-tenth percent of the time when the last dinosaur died.

Even if dinosaur DNA would be the same for the term, as yesterday’s yogurt, numerous ethical and practical considerations will be left among the supporters of the idea of ​​the resurrection of dinosaurs only the most mad scientists. How do we manage these processes? Who would do that? As the resurrection of dinosaurs affect the Endangered Species Act? That in addition to the pain and suffering will bring Failed challenges? Suddenly we reanimate the deadly disease? What if the invasive species will grow on steroids?

The growth potential is certainly there. As the representation of wolves in Yellowstone Park, “recoil” recently extinct species would be able to restore the balance in disturbed ecosystems. Some believe that humanity is in debt to the animals that it has destroyed.

The problem of DNA, so far – an academic question. It is clear that resurrect some frozen mammoth from frozen cells may not cause much suspicion, but what about the dinosaurs? Detecting socket lyufengozavrov may hardest brought us closer to the “Jurassic Park.”

As an alternative, you can try to cross the now extinct animal in existence. In 1945, some German breeders have claimed that we were able to resuscitate the tour, long-extinct ancestor of modern cattle, but scientists still do not believe in these things event.

By the way, you know exactly how the dinosaurs became extinct? Recently, it was shown that it was the fall of the asteroid caused the extinction . But the reason for the appearance – another natural disaster: volcanoes.
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