fiction | Controversial science: the RANS breathes?




fiction | Controversial science: the RANS breathes?

Some people believe in conspiracy theories. Others are protesting against questionable financing of academies. But if such stars burn, does it to somebody Yes need? Even Voltaire said that “superstition is the worst enemy of the human race.” In my opinion, in superstitions and belief in conspiracy theories have much in common. Their common root: lack of knowledge. Science Russia is divided into two groups of people: those who believe that RANS is the correct things, and those who believe that the “thousands” of academies Academy at the State level should be discontinued.

We are fortunate to live in a world that is like chess as a game with an open information, always open for our understanding. It has always been like this. The ancients watched regular cycles in the sky and in the changes of the seasons, the migrations of animals and plant growth. Making marks on the stones, they have learned how to keep track of these regulârnostej. Much later, record and transmit knowledge from one generation to the next, contrary to the apparent belief that Socrates thought, clothed in written form, are doomed to perdition. Today we work with giant telescopes and can look deep into space, microscopes allow us to “feel” the atoms. In all cases, we do the same thing: use technology to look inside the structure of the world around us.

Why science works? The answer is simple: because scientists are a community that is defined and maintained strict adherence to a common ethic. It is ethics, not individual facts and theories, works as a censor in the scientific community.

Here are the two principles of the ethics, the physicist Smolinym Lee:

1. If the problem can be solved by good people with a rational argument to a publicly available proof, then you need to consider how to solve it this way.

2. If, on the other hand, rational argument, derived from publicly available data, could not keep people in good faith to agree on the issue, then society must allow and even encourage people to retrieve data from other opinions.

Researchers are fluent in tools and procedures developed over the years. This allows you to display a robust conclusion from publicly available data. The whole scheme is taught from year to year, as experience, which, as you know, the best teacher, has shown that these schemes lead to reliable results. Every scientist, trained in this ability, increasingly aware of the role played by their own mistakes and misconceptions. Recognize errors: that’s what is missing many academics of impostors. It is the denial of our own mistakes is their leadership journey.

Paul Feyerabend, philosopher, insisted that scientists should not accept anything except what they aspire to. When they come to agreement too early, before they have the facts, the science is in danger. And we ask: what made them come to a premature conclusion? Bitter experience, store results of searches for physics of the Higgs boson, a long time examining the find Organics on Mars, and well-known pioneers in neutrino particles “moving faster than the speed of light had resigned shortly after acknowledging its mistakes. Because scientists are people too, in bringing the facts to one denominator they are guided by the same factors, and we with you: from religious faith to fashion trends.

Without self-confidence and ambition would not have happened many good discoveries. As Richard Feynman said:

“Science is organized by skepticism as to the credibility of expert opinion.

Any Academy is the first group. A group of people. Here is a description of group thinking, dedicated to communication:

“The participants of group thinking see themselves part of a closed group working against foreign groups opposed to their objectives. You can tell whether a group is group thinking, if it:

overestimates its invulnerability or integrity;
collectively gives racionalističeskoe explanation of the decisions which it takes;
demonizing or stereotypically consider external groups and their leaders;
has a culture of uniformity when an individual censors herself and others so that the front panel is unanimity;
contains members that commit themselves to protect the leader of the group by withholding from the leader of information from them or from other members of the group.

What is frequently accused of “academicians thousands of academies”, that is the most famous members of the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES? In the above.

“Optimism is largely, but not when it leads to irreversible cynicism.” As Lee Smolin.

Unrecognised geniuses

As to the philosophy of Cicero was a consolation goal as exact science is accurate interpretation of everything that is happening around. You probably know what crisis is now going through theoretical physics. No self-respecting physicist say that string theory exist. M-theory does not exist. And then there is the ether dynamics. The theory had a right to exist, it must be accurate theory, formulated in terms of exact principles and provided precise equations. Whether theory below the above definition?
Anatoly Fomenko

“New chronology”


This theory was created a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, full member of the ACADEMY of SCIENCES and the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES, Anatoly Fomenko. Although the “new chronology” had been rejected by a number of reputable scientists (archaeologists, historians, linguists, mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, etc.), it continues to collect followers.

According to the theory of Fomenko, modern chronology of historical events is incorrect, and the written history of mankind are significantly shorter than is commonly thought. Until the 10th century AD, written language, and ancient civilizations, ancient States and early medieval period did not exist at all: they became “phantom reflections” of later cultures, incorrectly inscribed in a historical chronicle. The author believes that in the middle ages there was a gigantic empire with its capital on the territory of Russia, which covered almost all of Europe and Asia (and even both Americas). Any counter arguments arising from well-known historical facts — the result of falsification of documents. The story was fake, incorrectly recorded and “authorities continue to hide.

Of course, history is always written to the winners. But not to the extent to which the said Fomenko.
Viktor Petrik

“Pure water”


Despite massive revelations, reproof and rebuke of the “ACA”, Russian ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES education works, apparently, so bad that Petriku still manages to Dodge around the fingers of people using strange inventions. Broken “nanofil′try” water is his merit. Say, now he is also developing nanoakkumulâtorov for electric vehicles; produces ultra thin TV screens, manufactures electric cars that do not need energy (fuel, probably like Tesle from nothing is taken); spills of live “blue water”, extending the life and so on.

“My discoveries are unique. Not seen anything like this. These inventions I def. Science on 20 years, is one of the statements the academician of the Russian Academy of natural sciences. The other is at least known.

“What have I done? Generator which is powered from the mains. Losses are very small. It forms … a wave of … Which is built around any desired object that you asked … Imagine a long fishing line lies under asphalt. Wave samouplotnâetsâ and self-organizes around a specified object. Standing wave. Do not try to understand anything! To understand is not real! And once you’ll attract the knowledge, will misfire, … There will be nothing received! ”

On our site we often write about interesting discoveries in various fields of science with the words, of course, scientists, the MEDIA, or preprints webography related resources. Recently, here was found the Tunguska meteorite, more precisely its wreckage. The difference is that we allow the degree of error and say that all data will be carefully checked, and as long as they do not accept the scientific community, the theory will be incorrect, and the opening is undiscovered.

In 2010, the incident happened with the discovery of Graphene, which argued that Petric found this stuff long before the Game and Novoselova. When Andrew was invited to the Game one of the TV channels of the telephone conference, Manchester scientist with great displeasure, refused to communicate “in a Studio with Victor Petryk. Judge on cases.

Vladimir Atsyukovsky

Ether Dynamics


Vladimir Atsyukovsky — honorary member of the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES-denier, theory of relativity and one of the most striking, perhaps, (if not the only) defenders of the theory of ether gas-like. Go ogovorim: the scientific community stream does not deny, but, first, because of its neobnaružennosti does not take into account, and secondly, modern theories (including the notorious m-theory, even in imperfect) appear and explain the known and unknown facts, it is much nicer and more elegant than the stream of thought, even at the end of the 19 century Maxwell.

True hero appears when you need it. Due to the fact that despite significant progress on all fronts, deep theoretical physics is at a standstill (and quite long), for the Philistines stagnation means gridlock. While actually working and never stopped.

According to Acûkovskogo and èfirodinamiki theory, which the author once upon a time in wide circles and unsuccessfully defended (can not be said about fandom marginal and conspiracy theories), a stream of viscous properties of compressed gas, and is also the material basis and environment for interacting force fields. As the author himself believed and his followers, his theory is enough to explain the essence of the electric and magnetic interactions, the weak and strong interactions, and explain the nature of gravity. However, the mathematical theory does not stand up to criticism already at that moment where Atsyukovsky splits a scalar value to vectors.

What other arguments cause advocates of fringe scientific theories? The authorities conceal. On the development of scholars released a huge amount of money. In the large Hadron Collider are microscopic black holes. The list can go on, but why? Skeptics will still stand at its: after all, if the activities of these scientists as well as many other (Levashova, Chudinova, Garâeva, and other academicians Azhazha thousands of academies “) causes so much resentment among the masses why RANS remains in good financial standing with the country’s budget?
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